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aspects of good stories:
eg small, valuable, testable, negotiable, estimatible
product  making  agile 
7 hours ago by cleskowsky
Entscheidungshilfe: Wenn du dich nicht entscheiden kannst
Gehörst du auch zu den Vielleicht-Sagern, die sich nicht entscheiden können oder wollen? Ich zeige dir, warum es sich lohnt, Entscheidungen nicht aufzuschieben.
howto  decisions  making  doing  todo  maybe  procrastination  postpone  lifehacks  tips 
10 days ago by navegador
Hamatsu spectrometer
Mini 256-bucket CCD spectrometer sensor.
making  electronics 
17 days ago by sophistoche
The Issues with “Drop In” Decision Makers
the evidence of the value of diversity in teams continues to mount. When there are more active decision makers, it is more likely you’ll have diversity–including perspectives from people in different groups. That is why we think more active decision makers is better.
go-to-market  b2b  buying  consensus  context  decision  maker  making 
23 days ago by jonerp
Fully Automated Technologies
open hardware for power storage and conversion
25 days ago by sophistoche

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