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Anna McGlynn on Twitter: "thanking @cluebucket for introducing to my newly active, and effective, routine."
"thanking for introducing to my newly active, and effective, routine. "

TBH I ordered that book for my friend when he was going through a rough time, to provide some absurd laughs, and then never gave it to him because I needed those laughs myself
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october 2015 by cluebucket
My letter of application to the Harvard Kennedy School's Senior Professorship of Social Innovation
"Dear Sir or Madam, But Most Likely Sir:

I am writing to apply for your advertised position in Social Innovation. As a Comparative Literature Ph.D, I am proficient in the fabrication of closed tautological circles of non-meaning; this makes me the ideal candidate for a job seeking “innovative teachers…for the position of lecturer in innovation.”

On the other hand, as an Assistant Professor of English, I know only too well the dangers of failing to innovate. For example, I am often forced to talk to human students who are sitting in bounded classrooms often wired for multimedia applications I am unable or simply unwilling to use. Paper books are an obsolete technology barely worthy of the word, and poetry, despite its promising shortness, takes far too long to understand. These hardships have granted me an acute understanding of the innovation deficit your department so bravely seeks to overcome.

In spite of English Literature’s disciplinary hostility to “innovation,” change agency, and both entre- and intra-preneurship, my training as a literature scholar would offer immediate benefits to your department’s offerings in Social Innovation. For example, I would be pleased to proofread your job advertisements, in order to innovate their presently sub-optimal levels of intelligibility.

The professorship is open to both distinguished practitioners, especially those with a deep understanding of social entrepreneurship, and to tenure-level scholars in fields related to social innovation, including social entrepreneurs, social intrapreneurs and, more broadly, social change makers.

“Social entrepreneurs” are not a field, as the sentence’s syntax suggests, and that final clause could be made nimbler by using the adjective “social” only once, as here: “social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and change makers.” In addition, it’s not clear that “change makers” constitutes a broader category than “entrepreneurs,” yet neither is it obviously more specific. Given my exposure to creative industries like literature, I would be excited to invent more terminology to make this list of synonyms for “businessman” even longer.

But innovating new ways of saying “entrepreneur” isn’t the only thought-leadership I would exercise within the field of Innovation Studies. As thinkfluencers have argued persuasively, disruption must occur not only within fields and businesses but institutions and organizations. My first intrapreneurial initiative, therefore, would be to fatally disrupt your (hopefully soon to be our) department. Moving our courses entirely online and replacing department faculty other than myself with low-wage adjuncts armed with xeroxes of J.S. Schumpeter quotations would improve efficiency, reach even more students, and ultimately make a bigger difference.

To paraphrase a great disruptor: We must destroy the Professorship of Social Innovation in order to save it. I am available for immediate Skype interviews.


John Patrick Leary"
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september 2014 by robertogreco
Twitter / lheron: Realtime advertising from Obama: ...
RT @lheron: Realtime advertising from Obama: a promoted tweet attached to #malarkey, which is trending (hat tip @rachelSB) #debates http ...  malarkey  debates  from delicious
october 2012 by matthurst
Enable HiDPI mode in Mountain Lion w/o Quartz Debug — Gist
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool YES;
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september 2012 by mavanderpol
Fashionably flexible responsive web design (full day workshop) // Speaker Deck
Informative deck on pragmatic responsive web design, concentrating on adapting grid layouts and navigation for various devices.
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march 2012 by oli
Fashionably flexible responsive web design (full day workshop) // Speaker Deck
So many good examples of responsive (& mobile in general) web design in this deck by @malarkey:
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march 2012 by sunpig
ifttt / Missing link
@Malarkey: “Will people know to scroll?”
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december 2011 by bobthecow

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