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Unito :: Integrate Project Management Tools - Sync Trello, Jira, Asana...
Solve your workflow problems with Unito! Sync popular project management tools together and optimize collaboration across tools, teams and projects.
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19 days ago by kpieper876
RT : Check out our latest updates to -- a tool to help researchers , , and core genetic dat…
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4 weeks ago by mozillascience
Manage your photo and video storage - Apple Support
Learn how photos and videos use your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch storage, ways to save space, and how to upgrade your iCloud storage if you’re running out.
apple  support  ios  cloud  storage  manage  photo 
10 weeks ago by blumenberg
Smart UTM Manager | UTM Builder & Performance Tracker for Marketers
The Smart UTM Manager provides the industry-leading UTM Builder and UTM Insights Platform to help marketers learn which Ads were most successful and why.
utm  adobe  google  manage  create 
10 weeks ago by kpieper876
Google spent a decade researching what makes the ' perfect ' manager and realized the best ones delegate their tasks a striking way - Business Insider needsEditing howTo Manage supervise Neeraj
Business Insider
Google has found that not only do managers matter, but they can have a big impact on how their teams perform. Project Oxygen, a research initiative by Google, has set out to discover what makes an effective manager. They found that effective managers empower their teams, and don't micromanage. One of the best ways to do that is to delegate. Here's how Google breaks down the process of delegating, such as establishing checkpoints, results, deadlines, and clear ways to monitor progress. Visit Read the full story
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Google  spent  a  decade  researching  what  makes  the  '  perfect  manager  and  realized  best  ones  delegate  their  tasks  striking  way  -  Business  Insider  needsEditing  howTo  Manage  supervise  Neeraj  from iphone
11 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
How to set the Default Printer in Windows 10 back to Print&Share? - Ricoh Print & Share
Ricoh Print&Share, a multi-functional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.
let  windows  manage  default  print  registry 
11 weeks ago by jgear
Cloudron - The best platform for running web apps
Cloudron is a complete solution for running apps on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure.
cloud  app  manage  create  deploy 
12 weeks ago by kpieper876
Tagpacker is a free tool to collect, organize, and share your favorite links.
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july 2019 by kpieper876
Arrange iPhone and iPad Apps from Computer
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july 2019 by blumenberg

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