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Questions for a new technology. | Kellan Elliott-McCrea
Quote: "... “We should use this new technology X, it’s faster, it’s better, it’s more elegant, it’s more actively developed, aren’t you committed to people learning and growing here at company Y, look I whipped up a prototype over the weekend and it’s in production, isn’t this technology amazing, huh, well fuck this fascist totalitarian state, I’m out of here.”
management  technology  engineering  software 
14 hours ago by ajohnson1200
Writing Docs at Amazon – Scott B – Medium
Recently, Ben Bashaw published a good article about the way that Amazon (almost uniquely) uses written documents to make decisions. This was posted to Hacker News and a lively disucssion ensued…
writing  amazon  decisions  management  productivity  leadership 
20 hours ago by mac
On Being A Principal Engineer
. There is no such thing as ‘purely technical problems’. In f
career  engineering  Programming  leadership  management  principal 
yesterday by xer0x
Gamasutra - US labor organization AFL-CIO urges game developers to unionize in open letter
“This is a moment for change. It won't come from CEOs. It won't come from corporate boards. And, it won't come from any one person, says the AFL-CIO
work  videogames  liberties  organization  management 
yesterday by basemaly
Contentful: Content Infrastructure for Digital Teams
Contentful gives you an API-first, cloud-based platform to power your sites and apps, allowing you to create first-class user experiences. Stop burying your content in a CMS, empower it with a content infrastructure.
content  management  static  cms  app 
yesterday by dholland

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