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Configuration file — Ansible Documentation
# specify a custom directory for ansible roles
roles_path = /etc/ansible/roles:~/src/ansible
# ^ has to include default directory to get roles from galaxy
configuration  management  ansible  roles_path  role  roles 
3 days ago by dza
It’s time for recurring meetings to end – Signal v. Noise
It’s thankfully been a really long time since I’ve been invited to a recurring meeting. But I heard a couple mentions of them last week, and it brought back terrible pre-Basecamp memories. It…
business  management  team  agile 
3 days ago by vipom
Tapwater creates a timeline for a project as it progresses. By including only the most important information in a linear, easy-to-follow flow, you and your team can effectively keep track of deliverables, milestones, and most importantly, the future.
projectmanagement  project  management 
3 days ago by awhite
5 Steps to Creating Metrics That Matter for Your Company
The lesson I learned from the hidden trend is that a CEO really can not build a business based on faith. Essentially, dashboarding eliminates faith. You build a successful business based on facts and figures that lead to conclusions. As we focused more on being data driven, our growth trajectory continued to rise but first, we needed tools and metrics that evaluated productivity at the individual sales rep level and at the sales team level. Once key performance indicators (KPIs) were implemented, an increase in profitability from the sales department began to set in.
3 days ago by pmelendres
7 Ways to Create a Remarkably High-Energy Workforce
Your employees are a tremendous reservoir of energy. If you're not currently tapping in, here are some ways to unleash their power.
3 days ago by pmelendres
Onboard a New Employee the Right Way: 4 Tips |
That interview you had right before you made the job offer? It's not enough. Here are four things you must do on a new hire's first day.
3 days ago by pmelendres

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