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The (Psychological) Safety Dance – Hacker Noon
Overused? Abused? Why are we obsessed with psychological safety?
Management  Leadership  collaboration  Teams 
11 hours ago by jorgebarba
We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.
“You will never be able to understand any of what I’ve created. I am Albert F***ing Einstein and you are all monkeys scrabbling in the dirt.”
development  management  collaboration  genius  culture 
yesterday by casey.chow
re:Work - Guide: Understand team effectiveness
Fostering psychological safety can help teams perform and innovate, Google found while trying to understand what makes team great.
management  tech 
yesterday by jiffyclub
Infographic: Watch A Company’s Management Team Mutate O | Co.Design
What would your corporate structure look like if you tracked every employee, manager, and department over years? Maybe a lot like this.
tools  management 
yesterday by mariaquinzio

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