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Tom Nichols on Twitter: "All of the talk about globalization and inequality reminds me...
All of the talk about globalization and inequality reminds me of a moment I had with a friend 26 years ago. (I remember because it was during the 1992 election.) I have work to do, but I'll tell this and leave it at that. /1
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2 days ago by coslinks
STEM Saves the World: How the Avengers Made the Heroes Manufacturing Needs - IndustryWeek
The jobs pay well and are rewarding, but America’s manufacturers have an image problem and talent shortage. The STEM fields needed for these roles project heroism on the big screen, but can that translate to the factory floor?
this-week-422  Around-the-web  Matt  manufacturing  jobs  workforce  skilled-labor  skills-gap  STEM 
2 days ago by areadevelopment
Glasgow leads Britain's satellite space race - Sky News, Apr 2018
"Satellites once took 10 to 15 years to design and produce but newer nano-versions can be easily built in days or weeks."

"The former shipbuilding hub has re-invented itself for the space age. It now makes more satellites than any other city outside the United States.

Scotland's first satellite, built by Clyde Space, was launched just four years ago. Since then Alba Orbital and Spire Global have joined the space race, between them putting around 100 satellites in orbit."
UK  Scotland  space  manufacturing  satellite  Spire 
2 days ago by pierredv
The Chinese Workers Who Assemble Designer Bags in Tuscany | The New Yorker
Many companies are using inexpensive immigrant labor to manufacture handbags that bear the coveted “Made in Italy” label.
manufacturing  fashion  immigration  review  China  Italy  NewYorker  2018 
3 days ago by inspiral
The Chinese Workers Who Assemble Designer Bags in Tuscany | The New Yorker
Many companies are using inexpensive immigrant labor to manufacture handbags that bear the coveted “Made in Italy” label.
articles  italy  manufacturing  China 
3 days ago by gmisra
The World's Most Polluted Places - TIME
The List

Linfen, China
Tianying, China
Sukinda, India
Vapi, India
La Oroya, Peru
Dzerzhinsk, Russia
Norilsk, Russia
Chernobyl, Ukraine
Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
Kabwe, Zambia
China  toxic  poison  WHO  health  radiation  Chernobyl  Russia  Peru  metal  lead  Pb  cadmium  Cd  copper  Cu  emissions  pollution  smog  environment  industry  manufacturing 
3 days ago by Tonti
A snapshot of ten of the most promising advanced transforming the global industry…
technologies  manufacturing  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by armo
Startup with SoftBank, Airbus investment planning video constellation with several hundred satellites - Apr 2018
"A satellite startup that today announced SoftBank, Airbus, Bill Gates and OneWeb founder Greg Wyler as investors says it has plans to field a constellation of hundreds of satellites to provide global video of the Earth, but provided few details on how it will accomplish that goal."

"EarthNow spun out of the business incubator Intellectual Ventures last year with a mission to record the planet and provide video in real time to users on the ground. Airbus is the company’s manufacturing partner, using production lines made to build thousands of telecom satellites for OneWeb in Toulouse, France and Exploration Park, Florida."

"EarthNow’s imaging payload will drive the cost slightly higher than that of a OneWeb telecom satellite, which is estimated at around $1 million each, he said."

"Hannigan said Airbus is building the satellites using an enhanced version of the OneWeb bus produced by OneWeb Satellites, the Airbus-OneWeb joint venture that is building OneWeb’s constellation."

"Hannigan wouldn’t describe the EarthNow ground system, which would likely require either numerous ground stations or inter-satellite links to ensure real time data delivery, saying only that “each satellite is connected to the ground at all times.”"
SpaceNews  Space  EO  EarthObservation  remote-sensing  OneWeb  manufacturing  Airbus  EarthNow 
6 days ago by pierredv
First Person: Disruptive Technologies Changing the Business Landscape - Area Development
Area Development recently asked Jack Uldrich, a global futurist and author, about today’s disruptive technologies and what business leaders need to do to stay ahead of the curve. Uldrich frequently speaks about technology, change management, and leadership to Fortune 100 corporations, venture capital firms, associations, NGOs, and government bodies around the world.
area-development-features  Matt  economic-development  site-selection  manufacturing  innovation 
6 days ago by areadevelopment

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