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Textile Industry Shattered by China Trade Embraces Trump Crusade - Bloomberg
While there’s no shortage of doom and gloom coming from corporate America about President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, there is at least one U.S. industry cheering him on: textiles.
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10 hours ago by areadevelopment
Texas Today: Where Businesses Succeed - Area Development
The state of Texas continues to gain accolades for its pro-business environment, which is sustained by its skilled workforce, low taxes, favorable regulatory environment, and deal-closing funds among other attributes.
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2 days ago by areadevelopment
An Apple accessories maker scrambles to keep up • The Information
Wayne Ma:
<p>When his first $59 [MacBook Pro] docking station went on sale in 2010, Mr. Vroom received more than 20,000 pre-orders, selling out of its initial run of 2,000 stations in about three days. The demand overloaded both his payment processor and the company website.

Initially, Mr. Vroom wanted to manufacture his products in the U.S. because it would reduce shipping times and allow him to monitor the production line to fix problems. But he eventually decided to make them in China, where he found electronic toy manufacturers and other factories far more eager than their U.S. counterparts to take a chance on a small business like his. He said he still can’t find U.S. factories that can offer the same level of manufacturing quality and coordination with suppliers as in China.

“For us, manufacturing in China is not about cost, it’s about capabilities and a willingness to work with smaller companies,” Mr. Voom said.

In China, Mr. Vroom ran into the intellectual property issues that have bedeviled so many Western companies that manufacture products there. One of his factories adapted a Henge design into a new, generic product of its own. When Mr. Vroom raised the issue, factory managers initially didn’t understand why he was upset, explaining that Henge’s product was a different shape. Mr. Vroom went as far as to offer them alternative industrial designs.

“It took some convincing, but we finally got a commitment from their management that they would stay away from our designs, and we would continue [the partnership],” he said.</p>

This is the point about China: it's both the best and worst place to manufacture. Best for facilities and price; worst for IP theft.
china  apple  manufacturing 
2 days ago by charlesarthur
The wild future of 4D design
A manufacturing technique from MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab that is poised to disrupt everything from furniture to housing finally has market-viable products to showcase. And they are stunning.
manufacturing  FastCompany  design 
5 days ago by jorgebarba
‘The Last Bet-the-Company Situation’: Q&A With Elon Musk - Bloomberg
"A lot of the hoped-for automation was counterproductive. It's not like we knew it would be bad, because why would we buy a ticket to hell? We don't actually want to go for hell. We just didn't realize it was a ticket to hell. We thought it would be good, but it was not good. That applies to a great deal of the automation. A whole bunch of the robots are turned off, and it was reverted to a manual station because the robots kept faulting out. When the robot faults out—like the vision system can't figure out how to put the object in—then you've got to reset the system. You've got to manually seat the components. It stops the whole production line while you sort out why the robot faults out."
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5 days ago by emk
RT : Overcoming the labor shortage in will require companies to meet the needs of the workforce. This art…
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6 days ago by aistettner
Now you can 3D print an entire bike frame
The ultimate custom: 3D printing super-strong light composite bike frames #cycling
additive  manufacturing  bicycle  california  3D  printing  composite  frame  green  environment 
6 days ago by csrollyson
Global manufacturing scorecard: How the US compares to 18 other nations - Brookings
Manufacturing is enjoying a resurgence in the United States. After years of falling output and a diminishing percentage of the labor force, the last few years have seen renewed growth. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the catalysts for this revival include factors such as the strengthening economy, workforce quality, tax policies, the regulatory environment, and transportation and energy costs.
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6 days ago by areadevelopment
As Trade Tensions Grow, ‘Reshoring’ of U.S. Supply Chains Sputters - WSJ
Report says imports of manufactured goods have been growing faster than U.S. output for years despite push to bring back American production
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7 days ago by areadevelopment

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