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You will appreciate this gorgeous of from the 17th century even more once you remind yourself that…
Amsterdam  map  from twitter_favs
5 hours ago by briantrice
Great Circle Mapper
The Great Circle Mapper displays maps and computes distances along a geodesic path. It includes an extensive, searchable database of airports and other locations.
flight  map  travel  distance  cartography 
3 days ago by pgorrindo
Atlas Mnemosyne
The last project of the German Jewish “cultural scientist” Aby M. Warburg (1866-1929), the Mnemosyne Atlas is an unfinished attempt to map the pathways that give art history and cosmography their pathos-laden meanings. Warburg thought this visual, metaphoric encyclopedia, with its constellations of symbolic images, would animate the viewer’s memory, imagination, and understanding of what he called “the afterlife of antiquity.”
map  Science  Culture  Art  History 
3 days ago by dyab
Commodore 64 memory map
Memory setup register. Bits: Bits #1-#3: In text mode, pointer to character memory (bits #11-#13), relative to VIC bank, memory address $DD00. Values:
Archive  c64  map  memory 
4 days ago by luislobo

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