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22 hours ago by rukku
Heat Maps
Heat maps allow three dimensions of data to be visualized, similar to weather radar maps where color is used as a dimension. As data is quantized into buckets, they are practical for handling large datasets, such as performance monitoring metrics across thousands of servers.
devops  latency  map  visualization  heatmap  graph  heat 
yesterday by devnulled
Job #1519.1 - hbz/oerworldmap - Travis CI
"os": "linux",
"jdk": "oraclejdk8",
"dist": "precise",
"sudo": false,
"cache": {
"directories": [
"group": "stable",
"scala": "2.11.7",
"install": [
"npm install node-python"
"language": "scala",
"global_env": "MAPZEN_API_KEY=[secure]",
"before_script": [
"cp conf/travis.conf conf/test.conf",
"touch /tmp/htprofiles",
"mkdir -p data/consents/objects/",
"touch data/consents/history"
"before_install": [
"curl | tar xz --directory=$HOME",
"$HOME/elasticsearch-6.2.1/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu",
"$HOME/elasticsearch-6.2.1/bin/elasticsearch --daemonize && sleep 20s"
travis-ci  OER  map  github  code 
yesterday by ndf

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