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Create a time slider | Mapbox
Example tutorial on how to create a slider on a map that allows users to view features based on time of year.
maps  mapping  time  timeline  mapbox  example  howto 
19 days ago by searchmeister
Display buildings in 3D | Mapbox
One of many example pages demonstrating the code required to achieve certain effects. This one demonstrates how to display buildings in 3D placed on the surface of the map.
building  map  3d  mapping  mapbox  examples  example 
19 days ago by searchmeister
OpenMapTiles dark matter gl style
An example of a json stylesheet for the mapbox-gl.js vector map viewer app. It uses old style filter commands to distinguish between the different types of road etc but gives you an idea of how to write a full featured stylesheet of your own.
mapping  mapbox  style  stylesheet  JSON  OpenMapTiles  example 
19 days ago by searchmeister
Mapbox Vector Tile Specification | Mapbox
A guide to the Mapbox Vector Tile specification (.mvt files). Note that although both MVT files and OSM planet files (.pbf) use the proto buffer structure they are completely different and cannot be used interchangeably without some form of conversion.
tiles  specification  mapbox  mapping  MVT  PBF  OSM  vector 
22 days ago by searchmeister
mapbox/geojsonio-cli: a cli for
Shoot files from your shell to for lightning-fast visualization and editing. This is a node.js module and thus requires node.
GeoJSON  Mapbox 
25 days ago by scottgruber
Static Mapbox API for Jekyll posts × Katy DeCorah
Static Mapbox API for Jekyll posts × Katy DeCorah × Front-end engineer and tinkerer from Saratoga Springs, NY.
25 days ago by marcusrelacion
Mapbox Style Specification
A Mapbox style is a JSON document that defines the visual appearance of a map, the order to draw it in, and how to style the data when drawing it.
mapbox  stylesheet  stylesheets  mapping  map  specification  JSON 
28 days ago by searchmeister
Visualizing Cities
My project on Visualizing fatalities in Washington DC was in the shortlist for Research category for Visualizing Cities 2018 exhibition in Berlin.
me  Design  Data  visualization  Reference  p-city-data  maps  geoViz-choropleth  geoViz-graduated-proportional-symbol  IxD  Mapbox 
6 weeks ago by rasagy
Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL
mapbox  OpenSource  github  JavaScript  mapping  Client 
7 weeks ago by searchmeister

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