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How We Mapped 1.3m Data Points Using Mapbox - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
e learned so much on this project that this article could easily have been twice or three times its length. We left out topics including:

how we integrated D3 with React;
how we settled on the final map controls;
how we developed a color ramp for use across maps and charts;
how we approached the display of small multiple maps on mobile devices…
…and many more. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to hear more about these or any of the other topics covered in this article.

The broadband map was a challenging but ultimately hugely rewarding project for our team. We’re excited to take its lessons forward into our next major interactive piece and hope you find them useful too. Happy mapping!
mapping  visualization  gis  react  MapBox 
6 days ago by euler
How We Mapped 1.3m Data Points Using Mapbox - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
A fact of life at the Financial Times is the sheer wealth of cartographic talent here: data visualization editor Alan Smith studied and began his career making maps; visual journalist Chris Campbell crafts some of the FT’s most sumptuous cartographic creations; and interactive design editor Steve Bernard is renowned throughout the interwebs for his encyclopaedic knowledge of QGIS. Accordingly, it was with a combination of excitement and very real dread that, when Alan approached us in late February 2018 to ask if we’d be interested in mapping Britain’s broadband speeds, we said: “Sure! Sounds… great?”
mapping  gis  mapbox  reactjs  data-visualization 
7 days ago by danwin
GeoPy documentation
geopy is a Python 2 and 3 client for several popular geocoding web services.
python  geospatial  geocoding  nominatim  openstreetmap  google  bing  mapbox 
8 days ago by tp78
mariusandra/pigeon-maps: ReactJS Maps without external dependencies
ReactJS Maps without external dependencies. Contribute to mariusandra/pigeon-maps development by creating an account on GitHub.
maps  google  mapbox  pigeon  perf  react 
8 days ago by jimthedev
Mapbox response to vandalism
Details on how Mapbox handled the hateful slur someone stuck in OSM
maps  osm  openstreetmap  mapbox  hatespeech  vandalism  moderation 
19 days ago by nelson
OSM vandalism takes
Funny and insightful summary of possible responses to the MapBox gaffe
mapbox  maps  funny  nazis  moderation  tootme 
20 days ago by nelson
Time to Challenge Google Maps Pricing | ProgrammableWeb
Time to Challenge Google Maps Pricing Polish developers Bartłomiej Owczarek and Tomasz Nawrocki of the pharmaceuticals locator service relied heavily on Google Maps. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  comparison  google  mapbox  maps  maptiler  programming 
23 days ago by jeremyday

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