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The Evolution of Silence (Version 1) – RR
The Evolution of Silence, Version 1 is a web-based map, which explores the impact of forty-one years of post-WWII nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site (a remote and highly-restricted area 80 miles north of Las Vegas, NV). The map focuses on Yucca Flat, an area within the Nevada Test Site, which is marked by hundreds of sinkhole craters caused by underground nuclear explosions.

As part of a series of explorations, the map presents a multivalent interpretation of the data of war and the dynamics of transformation. Layers to the project reveal disorienting views of the environment and of human involvement. The map visualizes the individual and accumulated location(s) of every nuclear detonation that occurred in Yucca Flat (828 total). The official data from the U.S. Department of Energy is connected to other kinds of data—my drawings, photos, videos, sounds, writings, etc. Fragments of satellite images (a grant from the DigitalGlobe Foundation) form a partially reconstructed aerial view of the valley floor, in which only the detonation sites are visualized. The viewer is able to break apart this composite image even further—by manually dragging the image tiles and actively rearranging and separating them from one another on screen. One is challenged through their own inquiry to make sense of the scale of violence that occurred and to conceptually reclaim this contested space through an experience of knowing. Bypassing government restrictions on the Nevada Test Site that limit its visual representation, the project allows anyone to engage aspects of this resilient landscape and to reflect on the toll of war.
mapping  nuclear_testing  multimodal_storytelling 
11 hours ago by shannon_mattern
tudelft3d/cjio: CityJSON/io: Python CLI to process and manipulate CityJSON files
CityJSON/io: Python CLI to process and manipulate CityJSON files - tudelft3d/cjio
citygml  cityjson  convert  json  buildings  vizicities  geography  mapping  obj  3d  validation  cli 
yesterday by robhawkes
citygml4j/citygml4j: The Open Source Java API for CityGML
The Open Source Java API for CityGML. Contribute to citygml4j/citygml4j development by creating an account on GitHub.
citygml  cityjson  convert  json  buildings  vizicities  geography  mapping 
yesterday by robhawkes
Vox Borders - YouTube
Reporting from six borders around the world, Emmy-nominated journalist Johnny Harris investigates the human stories behind the lines on a map in a new series for
borders  mapping  cartography  geopolitics 
2 days ago by shannon_mattern
Making NYT-style building maps with data from Microsoft · GitHub
Monday Morning Map [re-posting to fix a typo]: Make @nytgraphics-style building maps for your zip code with a few lines of #rstats code (🙌 #sf and #tidyverse). This map shows subdivisions in Glendale, AZ (zip 85308). Code here:
gis  r  r.gis  mapping 
2 days ago by azadag
application of dotmap

@utpjournals: What #cartographic challenges are introduced in interactive #dotmaps? @kyle_e_walker of @TCUAddRan considers these challenges in the context of an applied example. Ready for you to read online now at: @CdnCarto
gis  r  tutorial  mapping 
2 days ago by azadag
Why New Yorkers Insisted On a "Worse" Subway Map - Cheddar Explains - YouTube
Simplified metro system maps have been adopted by cities around the world, but when New York City tried to follow suit the public pushback forced a reversal. We dive into why New Yorkers insisted on using a "worse" subway map instead of the one that was widely considered to be "perfectly" designed.
mapping  subways  transit  graphic_design 
2 days ago by shannon_mattern
2017 was California’s largest and most destructive fire season in a decade - Washington Post
Nice data illustration (showing boundaries of various fires next to outline of DC) at the top, and a nicely-executed "see the boundaries of the Thomas fire over your hometown" interactive
interactive  map  california  wildfire  datavis  mapping 
2 days ago by alykat

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