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How to Enable Speed Limit on Google Maps
Enable speed limit on Google Maps and avoid getting pulled over with this neat and helpful app. Check it out!
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1 hour ago by kger
How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? - The New York Times
In the millions of ties on Facebook that connect relatives, co-workers, classmates and friends, Americans are far more likely to know people nearby than in distant communities that share their politics or mirror their demographics. The dominant picture in data analyzed by economists at Facebook, Harvard, Princeton and New York University is not that like-minded places are linked; rather, people in counties close to one another are.
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10 hours ago by alykat
GOAT sneaker shop kicks up AR, location-based marketing for Black Friday | Mobile Marketer
GOAT, the secondary marketplace for authenticated shoes, will add an augmented reality (AR) experience to its annual Black Friday raffle. The company is giving away more than 1,000 prizes including a $10,000 grand prize in credit toward future shoe purchases, according to a statement.
Participants can earn extra raffle tickets for visiting more than 125 points of interest that are significant to sneaker culture, such as "Sneaker Street" in Hong Kong and a location in Armenia where the oldest known leather shoe (5,500 years old) was discovered. App users will receive notifications when they're near a featured point and can then activate and share the AR objects on social media to redeem the bonus drawing entries.
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11 hours ago by dancall : About
LinkedGeoData is an effort to add a spatial dimension to the Web of Data / Semantic Web. LinkedGeoData uses the information collected by the OpenStreetMap project and makes it available as an RDF knowledge base according to the Linked Data principles. via Pocket
geo  linkeddata  maps  models  ontology  semantic 
14 hours ago by kintopp
A Geographical Information System, workbench and repository to retrieve, collect, create, enrich and preserve historical temporalized spatial data sets.
austria  gazetteer  geo  history  maps 
14 hours ago by kintopp
Persuasive Maps
A collection of maps intended primarily to influence opinions or beliefs - to send or reinforce messages - rather than to communicate objective geographic information.
maps  graphics 
15 hours ago by dill
Google Maps will let you chat with businesses • The Verge
Dieter Bohn:
<p>shall we make the easy joke that Google can’t seem to stop launching new messaging platforms while its primary messaging platform strategy is still a mess? Yes, yes we shall. Hangouts is dead for consumers and Allo is “paused” and RCS Chat still hasn’t launched here in the US across all major carriers. Neither AT&T nor Verizon will commit to a launch date. (I asked them both this week.)

I bring up RCS not just for the cheap shot, but also because it’s a good example of how “business messaging” is quickly becoming big business. It’s part of the plan for RCS Chat, it exists inside Facebook Messenger and iMessage, and it’s a big part of the eventual business plan for WhatsApp. So it makes sense that Google would want to be in this space and, honestly, it makes some sense to put it inside Maps instead of in another messaging app. As Google notes, it keeps your business chat messages separate from your personal messages.

So let’s leave messaging aside and give Google this one. It can’t push harder on business messaging inside Android Messages, because it can’t leverage RCS, because it ceded control of its message platform to the whims of its carrier partners. Putting business messaging inside Google Maps is a good solution in that context. And anyway, this messaging feature already existed and the news here is simply that you can get to it inside Google Maps.

But that leads me to my third feeling: what the heck is going on with Google Maps? It is becoming overburdened with so many features and design changes that it’s becoming harder and harder to just get directions in it. There’s Group Planning, there’s a social-esque “follow” button for local businesses, you can share your ETA, there’s a redesigned “Explore” section, and there’s almost no way to get the damn thing to show you a cross street near your destination without three full minutes of desperate pinching and zooming and re-zooming.</p>

Product hits maturity; revenue growth slows; team in charge still has old growth targets, plus needs to justify their existence. (To <a href="">quote Ryan Ford</a>, a product designer.)
Google  maps  chat  product 
18 hours ago by charlesarthur

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