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Bandcamp can save us all over again [Guide] | Riemann Kollektion
"Here is the central, depressive reality of the modern producer. You spend ages cut off from all human contact to make music. Then it’s done, and to share it, you’re tasked with the even lonelier role of begging people to listen to it. We beg not only to try to sell our stocks of vinyl and cassettes or to make enough via downloads to pay for mastering. We beg even to get people to listen to this for free. (Most of those download codes are never redeemed.)And that’s where the Bandcamp ecosystem really shines. The more you’re active as a fan, the more you discover new music - especially unknown labels and underground artists, even more so from the other side of the world as nearby - the more likely it is that they’ll find your music, too."Summary: use download codes, link your fan account, bandcamp is cool
bandcamp  music  marketing  baboon-on-the-moon  vladimir-chicken  money  business 
52 minutes ago by ssam
How to Make Money Writing: A Beginner's Guide to Taking Your Words to the Bank Niche Pursuits 2020
In the age of the internet, there have never been so many opportunities to make money writing. However, not every opportunity is going to be the same level of quality. The hardest part for many beginners is just getting started.
Archive  business  inoreader  marketing 
1 hour ago by williger
How to market & get clients for service businesses? [trade-level+others] - Breakthrough Marketing Secrets
What I’m about to share with you is really a foundational process, to any effective marketing. And if you get this right, you can effectively market in probably 99% of businesses.
Archive  copywriting  inoreader  marketing 
1 hour ago by williger
23 rules to run a software startup with minimum hassle | joisig gone awol
Over the last 5 years of bootstrapping, I’ve tried a lot of things, and discovered there are many ways to create hassle for yourself that wastes time and energy and distracts you from building value in your business. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  advice  business  marketing  startup  strategy 
1 hour ago by cijanzen
Historic Ad Fraud At Uber With Kevin Frisch
Frisch discusses the largest ever fraud case, a case between Uber and its suppliers of performance marketing and advertising.
uber  advertising  fraud  display  marketing 
1 hour ago by markhgn
AMP Stories Builder, Tools & Editor - MakeStories
I upvoted MakeStories on Product Hunt: Create visual stories for web quickly and beautifully! at February 17, 2020 at 09:16AM
Product  Hunt  Design  Tools  Marketing  Developer 
7 hours ago by iamthefury
AMP Stories Builder, Tools & Editor - MakeStories
Hot new product on Product Hunt: MakeStories — Create visual stories for web quickly and beautifully!
Product  Hunt  Design  Tools  Marketing  Developer 
9 hours ago by Soc201
12 Creative Writing Jobs Sites to Make More Money from Your Passion
Landing creative writing jobs is a dream of many people around the world: high pay, flexible hours, interesting assignments… What’s not to like? The hardest thing about taking the leap and starting a creative writing career is that it’s very unclear where to start.
Archive  inoreader  marketing  social  media 
12 hours ago by williger

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