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Generating More of My Favorite Aphex Twin Track – Alex Bainter – Medium
Have you ever heard a song you liked so much you wished it would last forever?
aphex  twin  music  generative  generate  ml  markov  audio 
7 weeks ago by arrelid
Optimal Bayesian estimation of the state of a probabilistically mapped memory-conditional Markov process with application to manual Morse decoding : Bell, Edison Lee : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
This dissertation investigates the problem of automatic transcription of the hand-keyed' Morse signal. A unified model for this signal process transmitted over a noisy channel is shown to be a system in which the state of the Morse process evolves as a memory-conditioned probabilistic mapping of a conditional Markov process, with the state of this process playing the role of a parameter vector of the channel model. The decoding problem is then posed as finding an optimal estimate of the state of the Morse process, given a sequence of measurements of the detected signal. The Bayesian solution to this nonlinear estimation problem is obtained explicitly for the parameter-conditional lineargaussian channel, and the resulting optimal decoder is shown to consist of a denumerable but exponentially expanding set of linear Kalman filters operating ona dynamically evolving trellis. Decoder performance is obtained by computer simulation, for the case of random letter message texts. For nonrandom texts, further research is indicated to specify linguistic and formatdependent models consistent with the model structure developed herein
markov  cw  bayesian  machine-learning  morse-code 
12 weeks ago by mwishek
Conditional Markov Chains: Properties, Construction and Structured Dependence
In this paper we contribute to the theory of conditional Markov chains (CMCs) that take 􏰅nitely many values and that admit intensity. We provide a method for constructing a CMC with given intensity and with given con- ditional initial law, and which is also a doubly stochastic Markov chain. We provide a martingale characterization for such process, and we discuss other useful properties. We de􏰅ne and give su􏰇cient and necessary conditions for strong Markovian consistency and weak Markovian consistency of a multi- variate CMC. We use these results to model structured dependence between univariate CMCs, that is, to model a multivariate CMC whose components are univariate CMCs with given laws. An example of potential application of our theory is presented.
markov  condition-markov-chain  machine-learning 
12 weeks ago by mwishek

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