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only fools rush in - dharmainitiative - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
It starts as a joke. That’s his story, and Nursey’s sticking to it.

Or, a "getting married just so David Harbour will officiate the wedding" AU.
8k  nursey/dex  marriage  fake-dating 
5 days ago by katereis
Watching Through Windows [Schitt's Creek]
David gapes at the man calling himself David’s husband. “You think I’m falling for the married amnesiac trap? Yeah, no, my sister has been-there done-that and sent me the Embassy’s postcards.”

Or, David falls off a ladder and can’t remember Schitt’s Creek. Things fall apart and come back together.
misc:small-fandom  canon  au  angst  marriage  romance  established!relationship  30000-49999 
6 days ago by popkin16
Oops, I Accidentally Married A Selkie - by fiveainley_ohmy
The tall man removed the coat from his head, brushing his hair smooth. “This belongs to you, I gather?” he asked, holding the coat out to Jim.

Jim’s eyes widened. The man, a non-human with exotic ears, was absolutely beautiful. Dark sleek hair, pronounced cheekbones, firm lips, and deep brown eyes one could drown in.

And this man was now his husband.

“Th-thank you,” Jim stammered, taking the coat back from him. “I’m Jim.”

”Spock. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said the non-human.

”The pleasure’s all mine,” said Jim, never having felt so besotted in his life. He needed to do something for his new mate. His mate deserved a gift! A token of Jim’s love. “Wait right here!” he exclaimed, running back to his rock. He lifted it, pulling out a wooden box where he hid his treasures. He pulled out the nicest, shiniest, prettiest pebble from his collection.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  fairytale  werethings  marriage 
7 days ago by runpunkrun
Women, being married needn’t make you unhappy – if you choose the right man | Hadley Freeman | Opinion | The Guardian
A rejoinder to the research suggesting the happiest women have no husband and no kids. The solution? Don't marry a child.
relationships  psychology  feminism  career  marriage 
7 days ago by emmacarlson

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