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Tutorials on Bayesian Nonparametrics
A nice collection on Bayesian Nonparametric methods
Bayesian  math  machine-learning 
13 hours ago by xinyutan
Online texts
The writing of textbooks and making them freely available on the web is an idea whose time has arrived. Most college mathematics textbooks attempt to be all things to all people and, as a result, are much too big and expensive. This perhaps made some sense when these books were rather expensive to produce and distribute--but this time has passed.
math  books  textbooks 
14 hours ago by base10
Cool Math Site of the Week, March 18th 2001, Canadian Mathematical Society's KaBoL projec
math  history  hoax 
14 hours ago by eeeps
Math calculators - list
collection of useful online calculators, e.g. calculate the number of combinations some set can make.
math  calculators 
16 hours ago by mootPoint

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