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AMS :: Feature Column :: The Topology of Impossible Spaces

The purpose of this month's article is to bring once more to the public consciousness some work of Sir Roger Penrose, namely "On the Cohomology of Impossible Figures," which appeared in Structural Topology 17 (1961) pp. 11-16 and was reprinted in Leonardo 25, Nos 3/4 (1992) and then as Chapter 4 of The Visual Mind, Michele Emmer, ed., MIT Press, 1993.
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2 days ago by janpeuker
Mathematics can help Art Historians and Art Conservators in studying and understanding art works, their manufacture process and their state of conservation. The presentation will review several instances of such collaborations in the last decade or so. Some of them led (and are still leading) to int via Pocket
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4 days ago by kintopp

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