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Immersive Math
The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures.
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3 hours ago by rootis0
On David Foster Wallace, Georg Cantor, and Infinity
Few ideas have had a racier history than the idea of infinity. It arose amid ancient paradoxes, proceeded to baffle philosophers for a couple of millennia, and then, by a daring feat of intellect, was finally made to yield its secrets in the late 19th century, though not without leaving a new batch of paradoxes. You
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yesterday by coldbrain
Les mathématiques au cinéma, une liste exhaustive et définitive - Liste de 23 films - SensCritique
Pour une obscure raison, le cinéma aime parler de mathématiques, ce qui a pour conséquence de créer une catégorie de film à part, les films mathématiques....
cinema  mathematics 
2 days ago by doegox
Immersive Math
"The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures."
linearalgebra  textbooks  free  math  mathematics 
2 days ago by robertogreco

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