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Mauritanie : Mattel s’offre l’expertise technique de Huawei pour renforcer son réseau télécoms
L’opérateur de téléphonie mobile Mattel, filiale de Tunisie Telecom en Mauritanie, s’est engagé dans une opération de développement de ses
mauritanie  mauritania  mattel  Huawei  China  Africa  2019 
28 days ago by stevesong
Mauritania Part 1 - Photography - M1key - Michal Huniewicz
mauritania - Photography - M1key - Michal Huniewicz's Personal Website
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5 weeks ago by pozorvlak
Mi lectura para esta semana de viaje de trabajo a será el libro “Pirenaica” del amigo ... vamo…
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6 weeks ago by Andarrios
Mauritania shuts down internet after disputed elections

"This week, Mauritania disrupted connectivity following contested elections. The June 22 polls were historic in nature, with the expectation that it would mark the first ever peaceful transfer of power since independence in 1960. But after the ruling party’s candidate, Mohamed Ould Ghazouani was declared the winner by 52%, opposition candidates said the vote was marred by irregularities. Immediately afterward, officials suspended both mobile data and fixed-line connections. All of Mauritania’s consumer internet providers, Mauritel, Chinguitel, and Mattel were impacted, internet monitoring organization [previously OTF-supported] NetBlocks reported." - Abdi Latif Dahir, Quartz
otf  Mauritania  africa  shutdown  access  election  democracy  blackout 
june 2019 by dmcdev
RT : The President of has arbitrarily arrested Abderrahmane Weddady and Cheikh Ould Jiddou after they expose…
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march 2019 by KateSherrill
La Mauritanie a engagé la construction de quatre tronçons de fibre optique qui complèteront le Backbone national  
Le président de la Mauritanie, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, a procédé le 20 février 2019 au lancement des travaux de construction de quatre tronçons de
mauritanie  mauritania  afterfibre  africa  2019  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
february 2019 by stevesong
Mauritania: Telecom regulator relaunches public tender for 2G/3G/4G licences - Ecofin Agency
On February 11, 2019, Mauritania’s telecom regulator (Autorité de régulation de Mauritanie-ARE) relaunched the public tender for 2G/3G/4G
mauritania  mauritanie  Africa  2019  misc 
february 2019 by stevesong
Mauritania reopens 4G spectrum sale
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  2019  Mauritania  spectrum  auction 
february 2019 by stevesong
UN experts urge immediate release of detained Mauritanian blogger (OHCHR)
A group of UN human rights experts have expressed grave concerns about the continued detention of Mauritanian blogger Cheikh Ould Mohamed M’kheitir on charges that violate his human rights. Mr. M’kheitir was arrested in January 2014 and sentenced to death for apostasy in after publishing an article online questioning the use of religious justification to legitimise caste discrimination.
2018  ohchr  UN  mauritania  mauritaniakey  caste  humanrights  hrdefenders  hr_defenders  special_rapporteurs  specialprocedures  sr_hrd  sr_executions  sr_freedomexpression 
july 2018 by idsn
UN experts urge immediate release of detained Mauritanian blogger writing about caste-based discrimination in Mauritania (Newstage)
News article on: UN experts urge immediate release of detained Mauritanian blogger writing about caste-based discrimination in Mauritania
mauritania  othercountries  2018  caste  press_global  press 
june 2018 by idsn
Rare slavery verdicts spark hope for ending caste-based slavery in Mauritania
For centuries a hereditary system of servitude has forced members of the Haratine ethnic minority to be subjected to slavery in Mauritania, working without pay as cattle herders and domestic servants, despite an official ban.

In March, Mauritania sentenced two men to 20 years in prison and one woman to 10 years in prison for enslaving their fellow citizens. These three rulings are extraordinary in the West African country, which has exceptionally few prosecutions for slavery. IDSN welcomes the verdicts as a sign of progress in the country.
mauritania  mauritaniakey  2018  slavery  labour  othercountries 
may 2018 by idsn

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