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Measures of cultural distance - Marginal REVOLUTION
A new paper with many authors — most prominently Joseph Henrich — tries to measure the cultural gaps between different countries.  I am reproducing a few of their results (see pp.36-37 for more), noting that higher numbers represent higher gaps:


Overall the numbers show much greater cultural distance of other nations from China than from the United States, a significant and under-discussed problem for China. For instance, the United States is about as culturally close to Hong Kong as China is.

[ed.: Japan is closer to the US than China. Interesting. I'd like to see some data based on something other than self-reported values though.]

the study:
Beyond WEIRD Psychology: Measuring and Mapping Scales of Cultural and Psychological Distance:
We present a new tool that provides a means to measure the psychological and cultural distance between two societies and create a distance scale with any population as the point of comparison. Since psychological data is dominated by samples drawn from the United States or other WEIRD nations, this tool provides a “WEIRD scale” to assist researchers in systematically extending the existing database of psychological phenomena to more diverse and globally representative samples. As the extreme WEIRDness of the literature begins to dissolve, the tool will become more useful for designing, planning, and justifying a wide range of comparative psychological projects. We have made our code available and developed an online application for creating other scales (including the “Sino scale” also presented in this paper). We discuss regional diversity within nations showing the relative homogeneity of the United States. Finally, we use these scales to predict various psychological outcomes.
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yesterday by nhaliday
Should Companies Measure Productivity in Story Points?
Should Companies Measure Productivity in Story Points?
by Mike Cohn

Using story points or ideal days to measure productivity is a bad idea because it will lead the team to gradually inflate the m...
userstories  StoryPoints  Velocity  measurement  measure  from notes
8 days ago by rhaley
10 Things to Know about the NASA TLX (MeasuringU)
Jeff Sauro описывает особенности метрики NASA TLX (Task Load Index), которая измеряет нагрузку на пользователя.
UX  metrics  measure  issue 
21 days ago by jvetrau
xScope • Measure. Inspect. Test.
an Inspect/Measure/Test tool for design. $50
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22 days ago by piperh
Is a Three-Point Scale Good Enough? (MeasuringU)
Jeff Sauro изучает, насколько влияет количество вариантов ответа, которые использует шкала опроса о готовности рекомендовать. Меньше шкала — хуже качество данных, хотя есть небольшая прибавка в скорости. Судя по его другому разбору упрощённой шкалы NPS — — прибавка в скорости иллюзорная.
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29 days ago by jvetrau
Earth Curvature Calculator - Calculate the curve you should see ;;;
tags: Earth Curvature Calculator - Calculate the curve you should see needsEditing komal meter millimeter measure measurement circumference ;;;
Earth  Curvature  Calculator  -  Calculate  the  curve  you  should  see  needsEditing  komal  meter  millimeter  measure  measurement  circumference 
4 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
RT : One of the most ambitious (and highly needed!) efforts to whether a country "provides" fertile ground for…
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6 weeks ago by CamiloEL
Measure and probability
Lecture notes on measure theory and probability
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6 weeks ago by lrwiman
Marketing without measurement in a world of malignant complexity | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
This is not a blog about economics. I am far more interesting than that! However, I would like to refer to economics briefly to make an important point about malignant complexity and the future of marketing measurement.
marketing  without  measure 
6 weeks ago by marshallk
Picking the Right Dependent Variables for UX Research (MeasuringU)
Дельные советы Jeff Sauro по выбору зависимых метрик для пользовательских исследований.
UX  metrics  measure  issue 
6 weeks ago by jvetrau

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