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Amazon’s Turkers Kick Off the First Crowdsourced Labor Guild
Crowd labor platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk operate with few rules and little protection for workers. But a new movement might change the landscape.
10 weeks ago by charman
'A white-collar sweatshop': Google Assistant contractors allege wage theft | Technology | The Guardian
But to some of the Google employees responsible for making the Assistant work, the tagline of the conference – “Keep making magic” – obscured a more mundane reality: the technical wizardry relies on massive data sets built by subcontracted human workers earning low wages.

“It’s smoke and mirrors if anything,” said a current Google employee who, as with the others quoted in this story, spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press. “Artificial intelligence is not that artificial; it’s human beings that are doing the work.”
google  tech  linguistics  labor  wagetheft  contractlabor  ai  mechanicalturk 
11 weeks ago by adegru

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