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Learning Political News From Social Media: Network Media Logic and Current Affairs News Learning in a High-Choice Media EnvironmentCommunication Research - Adam Shehata, Jesper Strömbäck, 2018
Taken together, the findings suggest that using social media to follow news about politics and current affairs does not compensate for not using traditional news media in terms of learning a diverse and broad set of general political news.
research  media  sm  facebook  politics 
2 hours ago by SimonHurtz
Must read literature on membership in news — The Membership Puzzle Project
As a former journalist turned researcher of the news industry, I’ve long been fascinated by the relationship between people who publish the news and those who engage with it. Now in my work as a doctoral candidate at Northwestern, I’ve seen that the news business’ ongoing period of financial uncertainty has encouraged all of us to better understand the relationship between the journalism we produce and the people we attempt to reach with it. This relationship has a long history as detailed in academic journals and news industry presses, and I’ve tried to make sense of it for us by creating the three resources below.
membership  newspapers  media  businessmodels 
14 hours ago by patrick
Plex - Home Assistant
connect a Plex Media Server to Home Assistant
connect  Plex  Media  Server  to  Google  Home  Assistant 
14 hours ago by kilroy2
Cast from Browser or Desktop - Plex Support
Chromecast streams content directly from the Plex Media Server
Chromecast  streams  from  the  Plex  Media  Server 
15 hours ago by kilroy2

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