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Exploring the Bounds of Fair Use: Graham v. Prince
Caution: "Since 2013 the Copyright Alliance has partnered with New York based Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP to assist in finding potential clients for an externship program at Columbia Law School to provide pro bono legal representation to individuals and small businesses in lawsuits involving cutting edge copyright issues. This case was one of the cases selected through that program."

Does not say whether the case AGAINST Prince was successful; importantly, that Prince's motion to DISMISS was not successful. Hmmmm...
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Yoocel Social
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Ian Jack reviews ‘Auntie’s War’ by Edward Stourton · LRB 30 August 2018
The BBC of the 1940s was not – not even remotely – either of those things in the sense we use the terms now.
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19 hours ago by soobrosa
A recent study from PR Newswire lists 10 different earned formats, tactics and channels that at least half o…
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