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Hospitals Turn to Housing to Help Homeless Patients. | Emergency Medicine | JAMA | JAMA Network
The Better Health Through Housing pilot project was launched in 2015 and initially provided housing for 25 patients with severe and chronic health problems. The hospital chipped in $1000 per month to house each patient, which was combined with federal housing subsidies to cover housing costs. The Chicago Center for Housing and Health, a local social services nonprofit, provided a case manager, health care coordination, and other support services to participants. Health care costs in the University of Illinois system for that initial cohort fell by 18% from about $5879 per month to about $4785 per month after entering the program, according to the program’s director Stephen Brown, MSW, LCSW, director of preventive emergency medicine at the hospital.

“Health care costs plummet pretty dramatically,” Brown said. “Just the stability of having housing allows people the mind space to begin to think about managing their lives.” For example, they are able to see their primary care and specialist physicians regularly, take medications or preventive health measures that may be impossible while living on the street, apply for social security or other benefits, or look for a job.
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2 days ago by whitequark
Common virus in early childhood linked to celiac disease in susceptible children: But adenovirus infections are not linked to the development of the disease
Enterovirus infections caught after gluten was introduced to the child's diet were associated with coeliac disease, whereas those before or at the time of introduction were not, suggesting that the infection itself was the disease trigger.
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2 days ago by emkay
New molecules reverse memory loss linked to depression, aging
A single dose of these new molecules was administered in preclinical models of stress-induced memory loss. Thirty minutes later, memory performance returned to normal levels, an experiment that was reproduced more than 15 times. 
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2 days ago by emkay

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