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3. Katzenmusik by Beyond / Below | Free Listening on SoundCloud
3. Katzenmusik by Beyond / Below Beyond / Below 3 by Katzenmusik (@baba_o_rly), host of @destination-unknown-radio. "Recorded at my kitchen table in NW Chicago at winter's end, 2018." Received March 2018. Photo by Kat O'Rly Tracklist: James N Murray - Soft (Jacktone) Broadcast - Echo’s Answer (Warp) Delia Gonzalez - In Through The Light (DFA) Charlemagne Palestine - Sliding Fifths (Barooni) Francis Bebey - Sanza Nocturne (Born Bad) Kuniyuki Takahashi - Day Dreams (Music From Memory) Donnacha Costello - Just Sit (Ursa) Ryuichi Sakamoto - fullmoon (Milan) Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi - Call Myself (Black Truffle) Emily A. Sprague - Your Pond (self-released/Bandcamp) Lea Bertucci - At Dawn (NNA Tapes) Cinchel - Movement Without Aging (Patient Sounds) CV & JAB - Fingers of Thought (Shelter Press) Félicia Atkinson - I’m Following You (Shelter Press) Studio OST - Eventide (Beatless) (Lustwerk Music) Pauline Oliveros & Andrew Deutsch - Summer Bugs (Deep Listening) Clark - Elaine/Gabriel Theme (Warp) Sandy Denny - It Suits Me Well (Island)
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4 days ago by stringbot
Meditations. The single practice that will change your life forever
Original article in my blog. At that time I knew very little about the meditation. So as many there was still an imprinted association with Buddhism and religion but I got the determination to explore what the whole meditation thing is about.
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5 days ago by dvand5
Heart rate variability: A new way to track well-being - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing
Information is knowledge, and big tech companies know how important it is to collect and track data. When it comes to your health, it is now easy to measure and track all kinds of information. In the comfort of our homes we can check our weight, blood pressure, number of steps, calories, heart rate, and blood sugar. Recently some researchers have started to use an interesting marker for resilience and behavioral flexibility. It is called heart rate variability (HRV).
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5 days ago by oliverw
24hr running on a 1mi loop in Longview, WA next weeknd! My goal is between 100-110mi. Half , half…
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