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I recommended “Do Americans Understand They’re Beginning to Commit The Legal Definition of Genocide?” on @Medium
4 hours ago by richrants
Installing Xdebug on Homestead 7.0, PHP 7.2 – Unhandled — Code – Medium
Need to do this with Homestead 7.0 Vagrant boxes so that you can configure it with PHPStorm.
medium  blog  tutorial  howto  example  install  xdebug  manually  from  source  compile  guide  reference  homestead  vagrant  box  configure  configuration  php  php7  php7.2 
yesterday by racl101
How do collaboration, communication and content fit into the larger picture of knowledge…
I recommended “How do collaboration, communication and content fit into the larger picture of knowledge…” on @Medium
yesterday by vanderwal
How Google Photos Became a Perfect Jukebox for Our Memories
Crucially, Photos would lean on Google’s famed AI to address what it saw as the key problem of the smartphone era — the fact that we all take photos but rarely look at them.
medium  google-photos 
yesterday by lendamico
How To Pay Attention – re:form – Medium
I started to make an informal list of “how to pay attention” strategies — my own, those that students suggested, and others that I’ve read about or otherwise encountered here and there. To my delight, this list grew into something more than I’d anticipated, and started to take on the feel of something between a set of New Year’s resolutions, and a manifesto.
attention  medium 
yesterday by lendamico
302 Found
I recommended “Introducing Ambassador Pro: Secure, scale, and ship microservices” on @Medium
Medium  IFTTT 
yesterday by moderation
Outline - Read & annotate without distractions
Outline is a free service for reading and annotating news articles. We remove the clutter so you can analyze and comment on the content.
Web  annotate  annotations  chrome  clean  design  extensions  links  medium  online  paywall  readability  readable  reading  tool  tools  typography 
2 days ago by xer0x

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