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Christchurch: This Will Keep Happening
The hatred that inspired the Christchurch massacre on Friday is another “hyperobject." We see its corners, its edges, but it’s become so massive and so embedded in our culture that it’s impossible to chart. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville. Gamergate. Jewish cemeteries defaced in France. Coordinated internet campaigns against women superhero movies. Videos of white police officers shooting unarmed black people. We see these things individually, but struggle to wrangle them as part of a larger, toxic whole. YouTube and Twitter will scramble to remove video clips of the horror in Christchurch. Facebook will purge — again and again — the killer’s manifesto as it is repeatedly uploaded. But white male violence, a defining crisis of the last few decades, will continue to fester online and propagate. In the open. In the dark. Everywhere.
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2 days ago by yorickdupon
Da kennt sich wohl doch besser aus als
Google kann in seiner Suche ziemlich gut raus…
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3 days ago by NeoNacho
A Mass Murder of, and for, the Internet - The New York Times
But we do know that the design of internet platforms can create and reinforce extremist beliefs.
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There is no offline equivalent of the experience of being algorithmically nudged toward a more strident version of your existing beliefs, or having an invisible hand steer you from gaming videos to neo-Nazism. The internet is now the place where the seeds of extremism are planted and watered, where platform incentives guide creators toward the ideological poles, and where people with hateful and violent beliefs can find and feed off one another.

So the pattern continues. People become fluent in the culture of online extremism, they make and consume edgy memes, they cluster and harden. And once in a while, one of them erupts.
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7 days ago by rachaelsullivan

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