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Desktop Goose by samperson
I have created a goose that lives on your desktop. He is an asshole.
gaming  funny  humor  goose  adaptation  computers  game  memes  2020 
8 days ago by dchesters
The Original Renegade
TikTok was introduced in the United States only a year and a half ago. Norms, particularly around credit, are still being established. But for Dubsmashers and those in the Instagram dance community, it’s common courtesy to tag the handles of dance creators and musicians, and use hashtags to track the evolution of a dance.
internet  dance  virality  attribution  memes 
9 days ago by wiobyrne
The Evolution of an Accidental Meme - Craig - Medium
CraigLast week, an online friend of mine sent me a private message via Google+:The Facebook post my friend sent me showing how far my original graphic had been adapted.My jaw hit the keyboard…that was my image, but it also wasn’t my image.
Pocket  activism  memes  teaching 
10 days ago by j-l-r
Mike Bloomberg’s Meme Campaign Is Just the Beginning
The 2016 presidential election was a demonstration of how candidates and their supporters could harness social media to spread information (and misinformation). This year, they’re enlisting influencers and meme-makers more directly in the effort
memes  politics 
10 days ago by wiobyrne
Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere
The Bloomberg campaign is working with Meme 2020, a new company formed by some of the people behind extremely influential accounts.

Mick Purzycki is the lead strategist of the Meme 2020 project. He is also the chief executive of Jerry Media, a media and marketing company that is a powerful force in the influencer economy. The company’s portfolio includes some of the most notable meme accounts on Instagram. Jerry Media was at the center of controversy last year after a debate around proper crediting in meme culture.
socialmedia  memes  jerrymedia  election2020  michaelbloomberg  influencers  politics 
10 days ago by jarrettfuller
Distributed Memetics - Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
You only have real knowledge if you can both predict and explain things. If you cannot, especially if your existing toolkit has dramatically failed, then you need to pipe down and find better tools.
memes  memetics  media  culture  tech  technology  disinfo  politics 
12 days ago by grantpotter
What We're Really Afraid Of When We Call Someone "Basic"
in 2014 America, the way we measure conformity isn’t in how we speak in political beliefs, but in consumer and social media habits. We declare our individuality via our capacity to consume differently — to mix purchases from Target with those from quirky Etsy shops — and to tweet, use Facebook, or pin in a way that separates us from others.

To make fun of the basic, then, is another way of displacing concern over the increasing difficulty to do so, to cloak concern over the flattening of American consumer and mediated culture in the form of a meme.
america  culture  class  consumerism  gender  race  memes  instagram 
12 days ago by rachaelsullivan
Why People Say 'Up the RA' - VICE
tl;dr: young people.
The difference between young people and their parents' relationship with Irish Republicanism appears even more pronounced when studying the Irish establishment media, which has failed to acknowledge the widespread understanding that Republican slogans have been denuded of militaristic connotations by most people who use them. In March of last year, as Irish meme-lords continued to post a zesty mixture of IRA, Republican and Gerry Adams memes ad nauseum (some even appearing on Sinn Fein’s official social media pages), Mary Lou McDonald was being slated in the Irish press for saying "tiocfaidh ár lá" during a speech at a party conference.
republicanism  ireland  ira  history  sinn-fein  memes  vice  slogans 
13 days ago by jm

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