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メモアプリをDayOneからQuiverに移行した | Web Scratch
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17 days ago by djmonta
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23 days ago by summerwind
有償のITカンファレンスに参加する意味を考える - Qiita
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25 days ago by summerwind
Progress, Precision, and Profit
"- Excessive meetings are the blight of big companies and almost always get worse over time. Please get of all large meetings, unless you’re certain they are providing value to the whole audience, in which case keep them very short.
– Also get rid of frequent meetings, unless you are dealing with an extremely urgent matter. Meeting frequency should drop rapidly once the urgent matter is resolved.
– Walk out of a meeting or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren’t adding value. It is not rude to leave, it is rude to make someone stay and waste their time."
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8 weeks ago by bankbryan

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