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How Men Became "Emotional Gold Diggers" — Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden
Solution: men's support groups

Women continue to bear the burden of men’s emotional lives, and why wouldn’t they? For generations, men have been taught to reject traits like gentleness and sensitivity, leaving them without the tools to deal with internalized anger and frustration. Meanwhile, the female savior trope continues to be romanticized on the silver screen (thanks Disney!), making it seem totally normal—even ideal—to find the man within the beast.

“In our culture, men have always found ways to be near each other, but it’s never been centered around feelings,” he explains. “Men are taught the remedy to heartbreak is to get drunk with your buddies, objectify women, and go out and get laid; to basically distance yourself from your feelings and channel them into an aggressive outlet. We use sports as an excuse to bump up against each other, so desperate we are for human touch and intimacy.
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2 days ago by dandv
MAKE JOKE OF || IPL DISCUSSION ( से हुई लडाई ) || Funny Comedy
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<a rel="nofollow" href="">MAKE JOKE OF || IPL DISCUSSION ( से हुई लडाई ) || Funny Comedy</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">MAKE JOKE OF || IPL DISCUSSION ( से हुई लडाई ) || Funny Comedy</a><br />
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<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>
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3 days ago by snapeplus
For men who hate talking on the phone, games keep friendships alive • Kotaku
Cecilia D'Anastasio:
<p>[Eddie] Gill, a physician from Hingham, MA, is 30 years old—around the age when, according to an oft-cited study by Royal Society Open Science, the number of friendships the average man maintains dramatically declines. He is not a phone guy. He’ll talk to his mom, or his grandparents. Other than that, he finds keeping in touch with friends and family to be as difficult as chasing around his seven-month-old, or working with his patients. Like others his age, Gill says that his close friendships from high school and college have atrophied, not only because of the distance but because of their mutual aversion to talking on the phone.

“The absolute exception,” said Gill, “are the friends I regularly play games with.”

Put Eddie Gill and one of his friends on the phone, and it would be painful for both parties—stilted conversation, awkward silences, brusque goodbyes. But drop them into a game of Apex Legends and the conversation flows freely.

Over Xbox voice chat, Gill gabs with his buddies about the latest Game of Thrones episode, their favorite NFL teams and, sometimes, their personal lives. When his wife was pregnant, he told his friends over a game of Destiny 2. Like over two dozen other people Kotaku spoke to—the vast majority of whom were men—Gill says online gaming has replaced phone calls, and even real-life meetups. It’s cemented male relationships that might otherwise have evaporated.

“I don’t think I would be as close with these guys if we didn’t hang out online the way we do,” Gill says of his childhood friends with whom he plays Apex Legends. “It would be impossible.”</p>

Such a great piece of observation.
games  gaming  psychology  men 
6 days ago by charlesarthur
YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: A Reverend, an Incel, a Feminist and a TradCon Walk Into a Bar... | HBR Debate 9 Part II The Sequel!
Karen: "Remember all those articles about a year or two ago about Bromances and how they're 'misogynistic'? It's because men are increasingly bonding with other men (at least men in their twenties) – bonding with them, being physically-affectionate with them – all of those things that are not 'toxic masculinity', that feminists have said we want men to act like this, we want men to not be homophobic, we want men to be able to hug each other and cry on each other's shoulders, and really bond with each other and not base their relationships on shallow things like point-scoring when it comes to promiscuity and being tough and being stoic... They've been nagging men for forty years to behave this way and then when men start behaving this way, then feminists sound the alarm that this is the death-knell of heterosexual relationships and that men aren't appreciating their girlfriends as much as they're appreciating their guyfriends. And these are the same feminists that bitch and moan about how girlfriends and wives have to perform this 'emotional labour' and have to be the crutch that their man leans on for his emotional support; and this is not fair; and it's horrible; and that's a codependent relationship that's unhealthy. And the moment that men start doing what feminists ask for: 'That means you hate women!' This guy [the Incel] is essentially saying: I can get my emotional needs met, and my friendship needs met, by other men and the only thing I would really need a woman for is to have children with and for her to look after the house...I don't need her for friendship; I don't need her to be my therapist; I don't need her to be my sole means of emotional support; and these women are freaking out. You know why? Because being the sole means of emotional support and validation gives women power in a relationship. And it even gives them the power to complain about how they've taken on that horrendous burden and how he has to do something to make up to her for it."
men  women  relationships  power  abuse 
7 days ago by adamcrowe
Online gaming for male bonding
Men who aren't comfortable with intimate conversation still have meaningful conversations with friends while gaming
games  gaming  men  feminism  socialization  tootme  discord 
9 days ago by nelson
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: The Meaning of Life for Men (Response to Jordan Peterson)
"...what Jordan Peterson and all the traditionalists and trad-cucks miss is: you can't have responsibility for something that you don't have authority over." -- All The Responsibility None of the Authority "If men are responsible for women then men must have authority over women."
men  sacrifice  responsibility  meaning  civilization  gynocentrism  shamingtactics 
11 days ago by adamcrowe

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