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Hanoi warehouse fire site vicinity safe now: minister
Areas surrounding the blaze-gutted Rang Dong warehouse are safe now, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha said Thursday.
The Rang Dong warehouse fire last month was "a chemical incident that led to an environmental incident," he said. "Pollution following the fire is mainly limited to inside the warehouse."

Authorities have decontaminated polluted areas, Ha said, adding that materials left behind in the warehouse must be dealt with properly.

Professor Jozef Pacyna of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Poland said a map detailing the areas affected by the mercury released from the fire is needed, as it might take several months or years before the element could become toxic.

About 15.2-27.2 kilograms of mercury had been released into the environment following the fire, the Vietnam Environment Administration had said last Sunday.

27.2 kilograms of mercury by itself would not immediately have an impact on human health, Pacyna told VnExpress. The mercury released in the fire was inorganic, and it is its organic form that is toxic, he said, adding that the element could become toxic after it got absorbed in the soil and water and contaminate food sources like seafood.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
Vietnamese Light Bulb Company Used Mercury in Factory Destroyed by Fire
A Vietnamese light bulb maker admitted to using liquid mercury, a danger to human health at high temperatures, and its director issued a public apology after fire destroyed a Hanoi factory that released the toxic metal that forced hundreds of people to evacuate schools and homes.

According to local Vietnamese media on September 8, the admission came during a meeting between a representative of the Rang Dong Light Bulb Company and the General Department of Environment on August 31, just one day after the company Company told local media it had stopped using liquid mercury in favor of safer mercury-zinc-bismuth amalgam in 2016.

Mercury vaporizes at a temperature of 674 degrees Fahrenheit (356 degrees Celsius). In vapor form, it can dissolve into the air and disperse in harmful concentrations, according to an expert quoted by the Lao Dong Online Newspaper days after the fire.

Rang Dong told the environment department that it used liquid mercury in the amount of 20 mg per bulb for some 480,000 fluorescent light bulbs, along with amalgam in 1.6 million compact bulbs, as well as other toxic chemicals.

Shortly after the fire in Hanoi’s Ha Dinh ward, the ward’s People’s Committee issued a notice saying that the people should not consume vegetables and fruit, poultry, fish or pigs raised within one kilometer of the factory for a period of 21 days. The notice also advised residents not to use local water sources in the same area.
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5 weeks ago by dchas
Mercury spill causes problems at Virginia Beach school
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Oaktree Academy officials say they needed to start school more than a week later for students in the 7th-12th grade because of a mercury spill in a building they were renting.

“Before last week, we had no experience with dealing with mercury or mercury spills - I mean, who does?” said Principal Kevin Turley.

A mercury spill was a problem leaders at Oaktree Academy never thought they’d have to deal with, especially 24 hours before their open house for the start of the school year.
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6 weeks ago by dchas
No one harmed in Upper Macungie hazmat incident
A mercury thermometer fell and broke on a tile floor in an Upper Macungie Township residence Wednesday afternoon, prompting the evacuation of the home.

Fogelsville Fire Chief Jacque Creamer said no one was injured in the 5:45 p.m. incident in the 4600 block of Woodbrush Way, a residential neighborhood.

Testing equipment was called in to help ensure the home was safe for its occupants to re-enter, Creamer said.
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6 weeks ago by dchas
It's been a year. So, what actually happened when mercury spilled in the Coppell mail center?
Exactly a year ago, one of the largest mail processing plants in the region suddenly shut down.

Some people didn't get mail for days.

The reason? A shipment cracked open, and one of the most dangerous substances known to humanity spilled.



The Watchdog was fascinated by this mishap at the large facility in the 900 block of West Bethel Road in Coppell.
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9 weeks ago by dchas
Potential mercury leak in Ocean Grove
CFA have declared the area of a small mercury spill in Ocean Grove officially safe.

The incident saw an antique object containing mercury dropped while a resident was moving, forcing the evacuation of a home and its resident.

Fire fighters and HAZMAT contained and cleared the scene on Saturday afternoon, with the area back to normal by 3:55pm.

CFA Duty officer Ian Breswick says it was a fairly unusual callout.

"We still do get do the odd mercury leak where people drop thermometers and old clocks and things," he said.

"It's not something we go to regularly but we do get them every now and then."
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10 weeks ago by dchas
Calm turns to alarm after thermometer bursts in school lab
MELAKA (Bernama): Pupils at Sekolah Rendah Islam Ar-Rahmah Solok Gaung experienced nausea and dizziness soon after the thermometer they were using during a science experiment on Wednesday (June 26) burst, causing the mercury inside the glass tube to leak.

Nevertheless, the school was quick in seeking treatment at the Ayer Molek Clinic for the 14 pupils aged between eight and eleven.

It also called the Malacca Fire and Rescue Department, which immediately dispatched six personnel and a fire engine to the school laboratory.

"Upon arriving at the location at 12.28 pm, the team found that the mercury had spilled from the thermometer and used special equipment to clean up the area," said a department spokesman.

The pupils were later sent home after receiving outpatient treatment. - Bernama
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june 2019 by dchas
Mercury Parts Catalog | Mercury Marine
Manufacturers of outboard motors and MerCruiser inboard engines, with over 4000 dealers in the United States.
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may 2019 by SierraEchoHotel
State sues Shrewsbury man over shed demolition blast that released toxins
A Shrewsbury man has been sued for illegally demolishing a backyard shed containing dynamite, causing a hazardous fire and explosion in the fall of 2016, Attorney General Maura Healey announced Wednesday.

On Oct. 24, 2016, Edgar Muntz Jr. directed P&M Asphalt Services Inc. of Sutton to demolish an old wooden shed at 393 Oak St. and to remove the construction and demolition debris from the property. Mr. Muntz, who lives at 10 Grove Meadow Lane, owned the 393 Oak St. property as trustee of 393 Oak Street Realty Trust.

Inside the shed were about 550 glass jars and other containers holding hazardous materials, including dynamite, hydrofluoric acid, mercury, sodium cyanide, arsenic, chloroform, toluene, and chromium, according to a complaint filed by the attorney general’s office in Suffolk Superior Court.

During demolition the shed caught fire, releasing hazardous materials to the air and soil, according to the attorney general’s office. The fumes caused P&M workers and a neighbor to suffer chest, throat, and respiratory discomfort, the lawsuit says.

After a neighbor alerted authorities to the explosion, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, along with other state and local agencies, took remedial action to secure the site and clean up the hazardous materials.

P&M workers previously had knocked down a house on the property. They backfilled the cellar hole of the demolished house using soil mixed with debris from the shed. That debris included jugs and plastic containers, some labeled “Poison,” that held bright multicolored powders, some of which were spilling out of cracked and broken containers, the lawsuit says.
us_MA  public  follow-up  environmental  asphalt  cyanide  dust  explosives  hydrofluoric_acid  mercury  sodium_cyanide  toluene 
may 2019 by dchas
Chemical Incident in Eureka
A new hazardous materials incident involving chemicals has been reported to the California Office of Emergency Services.

According to a report published by the office, the incident took place at or near a utilities/substation in Eureka at around 9:50 a.m. today.

Less than five gallons of a substance described as “cleaning solution with potential of mercury” were released to the environment, according to the person who called in the report.

Here’s the description of the incident that was recorded by the Office of Emergency Services:

RP states, Their construction crew was working on removing a pipe from a filter when they did not know material was still left within the pipe. This caused the release of less than 5 gallons of a cleaning solution with a potential of mercury. The release has been stopped and contained. No waterways or storm drains were impacted. A contractor will be conducting cleanup of the release.

This was the 1st hazardous materials incident recorded by the Office of Emergency Services in the Eureka area this year and the 1st chemical spill in the county overall.
us_CA  public  release  response  cleaners  mercury 
april 2019 by dchas

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