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Yelp/clusterman: Cluster Autoscaler for Kubernetes and Mesos
Cluster Autoscaler for Kubernetes and Mesos. Contribute to Yelp/clusterman development by creating an account on GitHub.
monitoring  kubernetes  clustering  automation  mesos 
5 weeks ago by geetarista
Clusterman - Cluster Autoscaler for Kubernetes and Mesos
Clusterman (the Cluster Manager) is an autoscaling engine for Mesos and Kubernetes clusters. It looks at metrics and can launch or terminate compute to meet the needs of your workloads, similarly to the official Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler. By Yelp.
Kubernetes  Mesos  clustering  opensource  automation  monitoring 
november 2019 by liqweed
DC/OS: Distributed Cloud Operating System | D2iQ
Mesosphere DC/OS can manage multiple machines (cloud or on-premises) and run both containers and data services in one platform.
mesophere  d2iq  k8s  kubernetes  mesos 
october 2019 by rbrenner
Konvoy - Managed Kubernetes Platform by D2iQ
A packaged set of integrated operational services for Kubernetes so you can get up and running quickly and easily. By D2iQ.
Kubernetes  Mesos  commercial  distro 
september 2019 by liqweed
Blog | D2iQ
うーん、これで Mesos は厳しくなったね。
august 2019 by summerwind
Apache SkyWalking - Application performance monitor tool for distributed systems
Application performance monitor tool for distributed systems, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Docker, K8s, Mesos) architectures.
monitoring  distributed  opensource  Kubernetes  Mesos 
july 2019 by liqweed
In this blog post we will get started with Google Cloud Platform — GCP. We will create needed infrastructure to run DC/OS on GCP while exploring various options of GCP along the way. This tutorial is…
mesos  google  cloud-computing 
june 2019 by id1
NexClipper - Fast and simple Kubernetes Monitoring solution
The container and container orchestration monitoring and performance management solution specialized in Docker, DC/OS, Mesosphere, Kubernetes. NexClipper Cloud especilly supports machine learning based predictive, forecasting, anormaly detection.

There are two different versions of NexClipper: NexClipper Cloud and NexClipper.
Kubernetes  monitoring  clustering  opensource  Mesos 
april 2019 by liqweed
Falco - Container Native Runtime Security
An open source project for intrusion and abnormality detection for Cloud Native platforms such as Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Cloud Foundry. Detect abnormal application behavior. Alert via Slack, Fluentd, NATS, and more. Protect your platform by taking action through serverless (FaaS) frameworks, or other automation.
security  Docker  Kubernetes  Mesos  opensource  tools  automation 
march 2019 by liqweed

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