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Rambox : Free, Open Source and Cross Platform app for Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and much more...
Free, Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.
maggregator  email  opensource  windows  osx  linux  messaging  chat  tools 
yesterday by tribbles
Cap'n Proto: Introduction
Protobuf RPC Data is arranged like a compiler would arrange a struct – with fixed widths, fixed offsets, and proper alignment. Variable-sized elements are embedded as pointers. Pointers are offset-based rather than absolute so that messages are position-independent. Integers use little-endian byte order because most CPUs are little-endian, and even big-endian CPUs usually have instructions for reading little-endian data.
messaging  integration  library 
yesterday by janpeuker
Tree Topologies for Causal Message Delivery
We propose that causal message delivery can be achieved by construction, simply by organizing the nodes of the distributed application into a tree topology, and without the need for any meta data in the messages
distributed  messaging  via:mpm 
yesterday by lilulo
Hacker erklären, welche Messenger-App am sichersten ist - Motherboard
WhatsApp, Signal oder Telegram versprechen heutzutage vor allem eines: sichere Kommunikation. Doch wie unterscheiden sich die Apps und worauf muss man als Nutzer achten? Zwei Messenger-Forscher klären auf.
apps  mobile  messaging  whatsapp  telegram  security  hacking  interview 
yesterday by SimonHurtz

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