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My Final Solution: Save the following script (modified from damienfrancois answer) to a file such as "". IFS=$'\n'; for file in $(find ./ -name '*.jpg' -or -name '*.JPG' -or -name '*.tif...
exif  metadata  iptc  photography  photos  images  threads  stackoverflow 
12 hours ago by emory
Python module to read and write various Mac OS X metadata such as tags/keywords and Finder comments from files - RhetTbull/
python  github  repo  media  photography  exiftool  metadata  exif  tags  keywords 
12 hours ago by emory
(21) Jason Scott on Twitter: "Thanks to all the new followers. "Metadata is a love note to the future" is mine, not a quote from somewhere, and I believe it. And live it!" / Twitter
Jason Scott
Thanks to all the new followers. "Metadata is a love note to the future" is mine, not a quote from somewhere, and I believe it. And live it!
9:28 AM · Sep 29, 2011
metadata  quote  +++++  digitalcuration 
3 days ago by jonippolito
Stop Using Encrypted Email
This is very persuasive and I'd have to agree.
Email is unsafe and cannot be made safe. The tools we have today to encrypt email are badly flawed. Even if those flaws were fixed, email would remain unsafe. Its problems cannot plausibly be mitigated.

Key point: this isn't (just) about PGP or SMTP, it's email as a whole system:
The least interesting problems with encrypted email have to do with PGP. [...] But that’s a whole other argument. Even after we replace PGP, encrypted email will remain unsafe. Here's why:

If messages can be sent in plaintext, they will be sent in plaintext.

Metadata is as important as content, and email leaks it.

Every archived message will eventually leak.

Every long term secret will eventually leak.
cryptography  security  email  pgp  smtp  flaws  metadata  crypto 
3 days ago by jm
The problem with dates | Rupert Shepherd
This is prompted by a question that arose during a meeting for ArtUK’s project to pilot the automatic updating of data on their website by speaking directly to the databases of contributing organisations – but it’s not really about that, fascinating and welcome as the project is. via Pocket
dates  glam  metadata 
4 days ago by kintopp
Best practice data life cycle approaches for the life sciences
List of repositories, metadata lookups, file formats, minimum metadata requirements in the life sciences
lifecycle  dataCuration  biology  repository  metadata  fileformats  list 
5 days ago by kbriney
The Atlas - Mapping the Histories and Metadata of Digitised Newspapers Collections Around the World
Between 2017 and 2019, Oceanic Exchanges, funded through the Transatlantic Partnership for Social Sciences and Humanities 2016 Digging into Data Challenge, brought together leading efforts in computational periodicals research from six countries—Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Unite via Pocket
datasets  maps  metadata  newspapers  resources 
7 days ago by kintopp

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