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Movie Tagger Alpha: Critical Tagging in Emerging Methods of Media Scholarship | Frames Cinema Journal
The Movie Tagger project (1) was initially inspired by media artist and researcher Michael Naimark’s grand vision of a future in which every movie ever made could be richly tagged and parsed with time-based metadata (Naimark et al. 2010). To help realize this vision, in the alpha stage of the project on which I have been lead researcher and which I will discuss below, Naimark and our team collaborated with Zane Vella and others at Related Content Database (RCDb – now Watchwith), a company focused on commercial applications of time-based metadata.

Previous academic research had used such tagging, or annotation, to help identify formal patterns in film and other linear media (Cutting, Brunick, and Delong 2011; Tsivian 2009; Butler 2009; Manovich and Douglass). By focusing on an entire film, or corpus of films, rather than a sequence, these projects represented a departure from the traditional methodological emphasis on close readings in film and media scholarship. But, even as they expanded the scope of analysis, these earlier metadata projects also typically constrained the focus of inquiry to very specific formal parameters like shot length.
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july 2015 by mildlydiverting
Ma, Jin. "Metadata in ARL Libraries." Presentation at ALA Midwinter Meeting, 24 January 2009. (PowerPoint slides)
A librarian at Baruch College, Ma presents here the results of a survey sent to ARL libraries in which those institutions reported on use of metadata standards and tools and staffing of services related to metadata.
Ma_Jin  presentations  ALA_Midwinter  2009  metdata 
february 2009 by stephenfrancoeur
Download: OAI-PMH Python Module
"The pyoai package enables high-level access to an OAI-PMH metadata repository and also implements a framework for quickly creating OAI-PMH compliant servers. Arbitrary repositories can be accessed and harvested using an easy to use Python-based API. "
python  openarchive  dublin-core  oai  oai-pmh  cs_lang:python  metdata 
january 2009 by adulau
NISO/CLIR/RLG - Technical Metadata Elements for Images Workshop (18-19th April 1999)
"A major concern which arose many times during the meeting was that of metadata loss through transformation. Many major software tools (eg. Photoshop) destroy or scramble embedded metadata. Conversion and editing of digital image objects tends, with currently available software, to damage embedded metadata. Given the high mobility of digital images, it is nevertheless appealling to explore models whereby metadata can travel with the objects from application to application. ..."
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november 2008 by jschneider
Stevey's Blog Rants: Portrait of a N00b
Why not to have an excessive reliance on: static types, comments, metadata, modeling.
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february 2008 by drmeme

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