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Sampling Error: What it Means - ABC News
Long explanation of how "sampling error" is treated at a popular news organization
statistics  method  dataAnalysis 
1 hour ago by garrettmd
Pin on Sheath holster
From Pinterest: Belt EDC Method
ifttt  pinterest  Belt  EDC  Method 
6 hours ago by errehache
Content Inventory |
A content inventory is a list of all the content on your site. Web content can include text, images, documents, and applications.
usability  design  content  method  inventory 
4 days ago by garyleatherman
Incorporating UX Work into Your Agile Backlog
Three different backlog models enable teams to keep track of UX work in their Agile processes. Each model comes with pros and cons.
work  jira  method 
12 days ago by eeichinger
Python String join() - Python Standard Library
The join() is a string method which returns a string concatenated with the elements of an iterable.
python  string  join  method  examples 
18 days ago by markav
Can Scientific Discovery Be Automated? - The Atlantic
The Baconian method is rarely used today. It proved too laborious and extravagantly expensive; its technological applications were unclear. However, at the time the formalization of a scientific method marked a revolutionary advance. Before it, science was metaphysical, accessible only to a few learned men, mostly of noble birth. By rejecting the authority of the ancient Greeks and delineating the steps of discovery, Bacon created a blueprint that would allow anyone, regardless of background, to become a scientist.
hypothesis  ai  scientific  method  science 
4 weeks ago by magoo

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