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Using a virus to kill what antibiotics can’t | Ars Technica
Long thought promising, viruses that target bacteria may be edging closer to use.
microbiology  bacteriophage 
2 hours ago by casfindad
Probiotics for bipolar disorder mania - Harvard Health Blog
Yet, this research still has the potential to change practice after patients with bipolar disorder get discharged from the hospital for mania. Adding probiotics to the regular medication regimen is simple, cheap, has no side effects, and appears to be highly effective.
health  medicine  microbiology  research 
22 days ago by ssorc
Pathogenesis: A New Deck-Building Game | JAMA | JAMA Network
> In Pathogenesis, a deck-building game released in 2017, players assemble microbial pathogens and add virulence factors and microbial defense mechanisms through play to attack human body barrier defenses in tissue, respiratory, and gastrointestinal tracts. As the attacks proceed and players breach the barrier defenses, the body fights back using adaptive and innate immune responses like inflammation, complement, and T cells represented in cards that players also accumulate. Players win when they defeat the tracts’ immune responses (pathogen, virulence, and microbial defense cards overwhelm barrier defense and immune cards) and lose if game play takes too long and physiologic immunity develops.
games  medicine  microbiology 
28 days ago by porejide

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