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Embedded Lab - Embedded Systems tutorials, projects, and more ...
Great collection of simple embedded projects on all kinds of platforms and topics.

Note from one of the co-founders -
"I started Embedded Lab in 2010 as a hobby project to document my personal electronics projects and to support newbees in the DIY and maker communities by providing open-access tutorials and projects."
embedded  tutorials  microcontrollers  arduino  esp32 
9 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
The CAN bus, part 4 - JeeH API : JeeLabs
This page has useful stuff on CAN. Most notably, he uses constexpr in C++ to determine CAN channels at compile time.
embedded  articles  digital  code  electricalengineering  electronics  c/c++  microcontrollers  cpu  software 
july 2019 by yoofie

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