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This documentation covers technical issues affecting your pages on Google Search. For instance, how to implement structured data that can affect the appearance of your page on Search, or technical details on how to get your AMP pages to appear in Google Search with features that are specific to Google Search.

These documents focus on the technical "how". For documentation about "why" you might want to implement various features, or a broader view of how Google Search works, please visit the Search Console help center, which provides guides, overviews, and more general information for site owners, SEOs, and content providers.
Google  Search  microformats 
10 days ago by cnk
Home -
A way to structure trustmark documentation?
trustmark  microformats  semanticweb 
4 weeks ago by thewavingcat
The Open Graph and Sharing Tags -
The Open Graph and Sharing Tags
Awhile back, I decided I wanted to have those fancy cards show up when I or anyone else posted a link to my blog.
OpenData  microformats  Twitter  Facebook 
january 2018 by cnk
Epeus' epigone: Adam Smith and microformats principles
Thinking about how I used to blog at the length that made sense, not with a numeric countdown
microformats  from twitter
october 2017 by kevinmarks

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