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Build a “Serverless” Stripe Store in 5 Minutes with Node.js and StdLib
Stripe is redefining e-commerce. Patrick and John Collison had a very specific insight into the future of internet businesses: primarily, they’re driven by the software developers who build them…
stripe  store  node.js  microservice  microservices 
3 days ago by nharbour
The Journey to Microservices from a Startup Perspective
Susanne Kaiser shares some experiences and challenges her team at JustSocialApps faced and still face during their microservices journey.

remember examples here of tool sets to possibly use with Java code (netflix, etc)
10 days ago by jessedavis
Take Two: Evolving Microservice Architectures
Andrew Hart talks about the architectural, operational, and cultural aspects of evolving a microservice architecture, in the process highlighting both the opportunities and the challenges that microservice architectures present.

seatgeek, using telegraf/influxdb consul aws
10 days ago by jessedavis
Event Driven Microservices Patterns - DZone Integration
"Read about the motivation behind the switch to microservices, and some of the patterns that make these applications more scalable."
development  architecture  microservice  event  database  ***** 
14 days ago by bookmarks
The Paved PaaS to Microservices at Netflix
patterns to apply, what most microservices will need

Yunong Xiao discusses how Netflix standardizes common functionality, like service discovery, configuration, metrics, logging, and RPC, across services. These patterns, while described in a Netflix context, can be broadly applicable to increase both reliability and velocity of your microservices architecture.
microservice  service_discovery  metrics 
17 days ago by jessedavis
Managing Data in Microservices
Randy Shoup shares proven patterns that have been successful at Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix. Shoup covers managing data, the need to isolate a microservice's data store behind the service interface, using events as a first-class tool in the architectural toolbox, techniques for service extraction from a monolithic database and much more.

note definiton of service interface (any mechanism getting data in/out, includes etl)
17 days ago by jessedavis
Micro services, what even are they?
《Building Microservices》中提到的文章,Jon Eaves 认为一个微服务应该小到用两周的时间就可以重写
microservice  share 
20 days ago by verycb

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