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Service Mesh年度总结:群雄逐鹿烽烟起 | 敖小剑的博客
2017年的Service Mesh 历程,在平淡中开始,如戏剧般结束,留给我们一个充满想象和憧憬的 2018。让我们一起来回顾这堪称精彩的一年。<br><br>
servicemesh  microservice 
4 days ago by jinwik
The DevSlop Project - The hacker jungle gym built on DevOps disasters
> Modern applications often use APIs, microservices and containerization to deliver faster and better products and services. There has been a massive migration away from monolithic web applications to this new, highly scalable architecture. However, there are currently few training grounds for security testing in these areas. In comes DevSlop, OWASP's newest project, a collection of DevOps-driven applications, specifically designed to showcase security catastrophes and vulnerabilities for use in...
devops  security  container  microservice  api 
4 days ago by floehopper
Blue-green Deployments, A/B Testing, and Canary Releases – Software Blog
A lot of teams I talk to recently are very interested in “DevOps” (whatever that means… seems to mean different things to different people?) and when we sit down and talk about what that really means, the direction of the conversation can go down many interesting paths. And some times, the path it goes down makes people feel very uncomfortable. I was talking with a team a while back about deployment best practices, hot deployments, rollbacks etc and when I mentioned blue-green deplo...
6 days ago by jinwik
go-kit/kit: A standard library for microservices.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
golang  microservice 
7 days ago by jordan23jy
微服务(MicroServices)架构是当前互联网业界的一个技术热点,圈里有不少同行朋友当前有计划在各自公司开展微服务化体系建设,他们都有相同的疑问:一个微服务架构有哪些技术关注点(technical concerns)?需要哪些基础框架或组件来支持微服务架构?这些框架或组件该如何选型?笔者之前在两家大型互联网公司参与和主导过大型服务化体系和框架建设,同时在这块也投入了很多时间去学习和研究,有一些经验和学习心得,可以和大家一起分享。
8 days ago by jinwik
微服务自2014年3月由Martin Fowler首次提出以来,在Spring Cloud、Dubbo等各类微服务框架的帮助下,以燎原之势席卷了整个IT技术界,成为了最主流的分布式应用解决方案。但仍然还有很多问题没有得到根本性的解决,比如技术门槛高、多语言支持不足、代码侵入性强等。如何应对这些挑战成
8 days ago by jinwik

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