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Avoiding Alerts Overload from Microservices
Sarah Wells talks about the FT team that currently has over 150 microservices in production. Wells shares how her team regain control of their inboxes and their time, and offers some tips and tricks: focus on the stuff that matters when it comes to developing microservices, build a system with support in mind, take practical approaches to optimizing alerts and the infrastructure.
microservice  monitoring 
2 days ago by jessedavis
Do not do in code what can be done in infrastructure – Roger Johansson Blog
Other infrastructure like Traefik, LinkerD, Envoy makes it possible to do call retries, circuit breakers, rate limiting for service calls,
Tools like Consul and Etcd gives you service discovery on a DNS level.
5 days ago by colin.jack
The Complexity That Is Hidden in Microservices and Event Sourcing
Satyajit Ranjeev shares his experience building an event sourcing system with microservices, including tips and trade-offs dealing with them.
microservice  event_sourcing 
5 days ago by jessedavis
Calçado's Microservices Prerequisites
the list has been referenced by other works in the distributed systems space, so I want to use this post to expand on these prerequisites.
architecture  microservice 
7 days ago by pupi
The evolution of scalable microservices - O'Reilly Media
We have covered a lot of ground in this article. We began with a simplistic approach to microservices design, based on single instance non-scalable services—microliths— and gradually moved towards a design based on decoupled, scalable and resilient microsystems, leveraging Reactive principles and event-based communication and persistence.

There is a lot more to say about these topics, but I hope that you by now have some ideas on how to use Reactive and Events-first design to build microservices-based systems that can thrive in the barren lands of distributed systems.

If you want to dive deeper into these topics I suggest that you grab a copy of Roland Kuhn’s excellent Reactive Design Patterns and Vaughn Vernon’s great and practical Implementing Domain Driven Design.
architecture  microservice  rank:1 
7 days ago by euler
RT : 5 ways a solution can shorten development cycles & reduce costs:
microservice  from twitter
9 days ago by ebullient
Microservices Architectures: 3 Overlooked Considerations - DZone Integration
"Microservices architectures have become a ubiquitous industry trend because of their promise of speed, agility, and scale. Just like any major paradigm shift, microservices adoption introduces many changes at the architectural, technical, and organizational levels. It is not uncommon to overlook some considerations in pursuit of microservices-based applications. While containers, orchestrations, automation, and service definition take up the majority of the mindshare, here we have identified th...
development  architecture  microservice 
9 days ago by bookmarks
How we build microservices at Karma
“Microservices” and “Microservice Architecture” are hot buzz words in the development community right now, but concrete examples of microservices in production are still scarce. I thought it might…
dev  web  devops  microservice 
13 days ago by flydown

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