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Getting started with microservices and Kubernetes
A step by step guide to getting a microservices platform running on Kubernetes.
kubernetes  microservice 
9 days ago by lenciel
Announcing Gloo: The Function Gateway – – Medium
Today we at Solo are thrilled to announce the release of Gloo, the Function Gateway. Gloo was designed on the principle that gateways should build APIs out of functions rather than services. By…
serverless  function  gateway  awslambda  googlefunctions  orchestrator  opensource  floss  microservice  composition  article  faas 
13 days ago by gilberto5757
Learning these 5 microservice patterns will make you a better engineer
For a lot of engineers, getting into microservices can be tough, because it’s hard to decide where lines should be drawn. For me, 99% of services fall into one of five categories, and dividing the…
microservice  architecture  patterns 
13 days ago by lenciel
RT : Bank Security with , a pair of pieces, Reactive APIs with and ,…
microservice  API  from twitter
19 days ago by twoseat
From Monoliths To Microservices – ITNEXT
Say that, some sunny day, you are asked to help evolving an existing application and to make it, “you know, like with microservices”. And then you realize that the application is a several years old…
transition  monolith  microservice  microservices 
19 days ago by pinterb

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