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Envoy: 7 months later – Lyft Engineering
On September 14, 2016 we announced Envoy, our L7 proxy and communication bus. In a nutshell, Envoy is a “service mesh” substrate that provides common utilities such as service discovery, load…
oss  devops  soa  eventsourcing  cqrs  microservices 
yesterday by madscene
Introducing… by Alberto Brandolini [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
The deepest tutorial and explanation about EventStorming, straight from the inventor.
event-storming  microservices 
yesterday by pinterb
Instana - Dynamic APM for Microservice Applications
Instana is the dynamic Application Performance Management solution that automatically monitors scaled modern applications and their quality of service.
docker  microservices  monitoring 
yesterday by eashman
RESTful API Design Tips from Experience – studioarmix – Medium
I am reminded of a lovely quote that I found through another Medium post by Ken Rogers, of which was originally written by Hemingway: As I write this, I chuckle to myself in seeing a great parallel…
rest  API  microservices 
2 days ago by pks
The complexity that Is hidden in and sourcing
event  microservices  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by pdudits
The Micro Blog - Simplifying distributed systems development
Writing microservices with Go Micro - Added July 28, 2016 at 12:36PM
golang  microservices 
2 days ago by xenocid
jd/tenacity: Retrying library for Python
Tenacity is an Apache 2.0 licensed general-purpose retrying library, written in Python, to simplify the task of adding retry behavior to just about anything. It originates from a fork of retrying.

Retrying requests is a is a microservice design pattern.
python  microservices  patterns  design 
2 days ago by jefframnani
Calçado's Microservices Prerequisites
All too often, we hear about a new technology or architectural style and rush headlong in to implementation. That conference talk, or blog post, sometimes even that sales pitch was just a little too inviting. Before you know it, you are neck deep in challenges without any of the perceived benefits.

In our rush to achieve the outcome, we often forget to take a look at the pre-requisites. On more than one occasion, I have observed this failure to understand the pre-requisites as a major contributor to project failure.

In this post Calçado looks at the pre-requisites for micro-services.

1. Rapid provisioning of compute resources
2. Basic monitoring
3. Rapid deployment
4. Easy to provision storage
5. Easy access to the edge
6. Authentication/Authorisation
7. Standardised RPC

I would add an eighth, strong technical leadership within the organisation.
microservices  organisation  architecture  tech  techarch 
3 days ago by billglover

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