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xkcd: Invisible Formatting
When editing text, in the back of my mind I always worry that I'm adding invisible formatting that will somehow cause a problem in the distant future.
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10 hours ago by Chirael
api-guidelines/ at vNext · Microsoft/api-guidelines
The Microsoft REST API Guidelines, as a design principle, encourages application developers to have resources accessible to them via a RESTful HTTP interface. To provide the smoothest possible experience for developers on platforms following the Microsoft REST API Guidelines, REST APIs SHOULD follow consistent design guidelines to make using them easy and intuitive. This document establishes the guidelines Microsoft REST APIs SHOULD follow so RESTful interfaces are developed consistently.
api  design  microsoft  rest  restful  guides 
yesterday by dlkinney
Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph
The Microsoft Graph explorer is a tool that lets you make requests and see responses against the Microsoft Graph
tool  microsoft  cloud  aad  azure 
yesterday by geekzter

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