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This Windows file may be secretly hoarding your passwords and emails | ZDNet
On Windows laptops with touchscreens that handwriting recognition enabled, a file called WaitList.dat that may aid bad actors in figuring out passwords.
microsoft  windows  secret  file  touch  screen  handwriting  WaitList.dat 
yesterday by brentfarwick
Oracles streak of missed opportunities
"But even within its peer group, Oracle has missed out on several opportunities. It took way too long to deliver Fusion. Even then, it could have stalled growth at Workday, Salesforce, Adobe and other cloud vendors. It could have delivered a knockout punch to SAP starting around 2010 with its early start with Fusion and its many cloud acquisitions. It could have taken several of its vertical industry capabilities to the cloud and gone after SAP in those markets. It did not and SAP with S/4 and its own cloud acquisitions has weathered the storm."
business  featured  posts  enterprise  software  (ibm  microsoft  oracle  sap 
yesterday by jonerp
Fix: Microsoft Edge Can't Connect Securely to This Page on Windows 10 | Driver Talent
sounds promising, but didn't let me connect to self-signed Servergraph :-)
Microsoft  Edge  Can't  Connect  Securely  to  This  Page  Windows  10 
2 days ago by theskett
You Think the Visual Studio Code binary you use is a Free Software? Think again. | Carl Chenet's Blog
Basically, the binary downloads have telemetry and monitoring baked into them. Compiling from source doesn't (and they use the MIT license terms to do that)
microsoft  opensource  2018 
2 days ago by mechazoidal

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