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Nieuwe VS Cloud Act & Europese privacy
Cloud Act: ‘Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act’
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12 hours ago by geekzter
Google Cloud CEO Greene being replaced by former Oracle exec Kurian
Amazon Web Services controls 34 percent of the cloud infrastructure services market, according to Synergy Research. Microsoft is second at about 15 percent, followed by IBM in third and Google in fourth, both with market share in the single digits.

Alphabet raised eyebrows in its earnings call last month, when the company gave less information than it had in the past on the size and growth rate of the cloud unit.

In February, Pichai told analysts that the total cloud business, which includes applications for email, word processing and spreadsheets as well as public cloud infrastructure, was generating more than $1 billion in revenue per quarter. He said that, based on publicly available data from 2017, it was likely growing faster than any of its rivals.

But when asked for an update in October, Pichai neglected to offer specifics, saying only that he's seeing "strong indicators" that the investment is paying off and that enterprise wins "turn into larger revenue deals over time."

Some analysts were unimpressed.
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19 hours ago by activescott
Microsoft is retiring HockeyApp on November 16, 2019 | VentureBeat
Microsoft has revealed that it is sunsetting HockeyApp, the beta-testing service for app developers, on November 16, 2019. via Pocket
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yesterday by evansthompson
Users told to ditch OneDrive and Office 365 to avoid 'covert' data harvesting
Microsoft Office and Windows 10 Enterprise uses a telemetry data collection mechanism that breaches the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to a 91-page report commissioned by the Dutch government, and conducted by firm Privacy Company.
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yesterday by terry
AI School - Microsoft
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AI School
Whether you’re completely new to AI or a seasoned professional looking to stay on top of your game, AI School is quite simply the best place to find the information, learning materials and resources you need to start building intelligence into your solutions.

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Navigating all of the AI content just got easier with the learning paths being grouped into Houses. The AI Houses are an easy way to figure out what your key learning goals are and find the right content.

The houses represent the main categories of AI technologies, including Conversational AI, AI Services, and Machine Learning. Conversational AI house focuses on building intelligent bots. AI Services house focuses on weaving intelligence into your existing or new apps with Cognitive Services. Machine learning house focuses on all the ways you can create your own custom AI models and then use them in your apps.


Conversational AI
Intelligent bots have become an intuitive way to enable interactions between people and apps. The learning paths in this house will guide you through how to build these intelligent bots, and incorporate features like natural language processing and intent recognition, as well as other features to create delightful bot interactions in your apps and other channels.

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Start your journey with intelligent collaborative robotics with Microsoft AI.

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Using chatbots to enhance education | Jisc
Using chatbots to enhance education
Date and venue
Who should attend
Today at 10:00


The Curzon Building
4 Cardigan Street
B4 7BD
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yesterday by ndf
Microsoft AI lab
JFK Files

May, 7 2018

Face API, 
Cognitive Search, 

Source Code

The Need
Late last year the US government released more than 34,000 pages related to the assassination of JFK. Like everyone in the country we were curious to know what’s inside them, but it would take us months to read through these. The files consisted of mixture of typed and handwritten pages that were 60 years old which were scanned into PDF files as well as scanned evidence photos. How could we make sense of all this unstructured information in a way that would grow with the continual flow new documents that the government continues to release?

The Idea
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yesterday by ndf
QnA Maker
From FAQ to Bot in minutes.

Build, train and publish a simple question and answer bot based on FAQ URLs, structured documents, product manuals or editorial content in minutes.

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yesterday by ndf

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