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Microsoft Surface Laptop Teardown - iFixit
"Verdict: The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. It’s a glue-filled monstrosity."
microsoft_surface  hardware  guides  dopost 
june 2017 by niksilver
Surface Pro 3 Camera Blocker by iAce - Thingiverse
"I made this to have something that can block the front and back cameras of my MS Surface Pro 3. It fits perfectly snug onto the tablet so it won't ever slide or fall off."
shopping  laptops  security  microsoft_surface 
april 2017 by niksilver
Surface Pro 3 Privacy Shield by sodacan - Thingiverse
"Simple object to block Surface Pro 3 camera. Slide the object to select which camera to block or scale the object before printing to make it wide enough to block both cameras at the same time."
shopping  laptops  security  microsoft_surface 
april 2017 by niksilver
Surface Pro 4 Privacy Screen by Nlit3n - Thingiverse
"This is a privacy screen for a Surface Pro 4. The screen is wide enough to cover both the front and back cameras. The screen can slide over to quickly expose cameras as needed. I made the front thick enough that logo could be added to it."
shopping  laptops  security  microsoft_surface 
april 2017 by niksilver
Microsoft Surface Studio: the engineering beneath floating pixels | The Verge
"Solving the Surface Studio hinge problem relied on what Microsoft wanted the product to be. Microsoft started with the idea of having a device you could move the screen into a drawing mode, and it took some time to get to the final product that Microsoft unveiled last week."
design  hardware  microsoft_surface  dopost 
october 2016 by niksilver
Penny Arcade - News - The Surface Studio!
"About a year ago they invited me over to show me a brand new device. I ended up in a little tiny room with a sheet covering something on a table in front of me. There was a one way mirror on my left and I was informed that there were people back there watching. I was super curious what it was all about and when they pulled the sheet off I saw the Surface Studio."
microsoft_surface  hardware  microsoft  design 
october 2016 by niksilver
MacBook Pro | Hacker News
"Microsoft really hit it out of the park yesterday. Apple's entire presentation felt like they are trying to fill the 1.5 hours of time with bullshit."
apple  microsoft  launch  hardware  mac  microsoft_surface  dopost 
october 2016 by niksilver
Microsoft can't explain why its Surface tablet needs a pen | The Verge
"What’s the stylus good for? According to Microsoft’s TV ads, it’s good for circling things. I know because I made the positive life decision of watching every advertisement Microsoft’s made for the Surface, from the ones that aired on TV, to the multi-minute-long ones the company uses to pitch businesses."
microsoft_surface  hardware  advertising  dopost 
november 2014 by niksilver
Using a Surface Pro 3 full time for two months - Scott Hanselman
"I paid for the Surface Pro 3 with my own money and have been using it as my primary machine ever since [August]. I've been using it now for two months full time and figured it was time to break down the good, the bad, and the weird."
microsoft_surface  review  dopost 
october 2014 by niksilver
Surface Pro 3 Review - SlashGear
" could well convince me - as an unabashed Mac and iPad user - that the Surface Pro 3 is now competitive. Read on for my full review."
microsoft_surface  review  dopost  hardware 
june 2014 by niksilver
Surface Pro 3: Desktop PC Replacement? | Mobile devices content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
"Microsoft highlighted an interesting third possibility when it launched the device: a desktop PC replacement. To that end, the firm will soon start selling a Docking Station. But since that's not available yet, I've begun testing Surface Pro 3 in this configuration as it did originally with its predecessor, using a USB 3.0-based docking station."
microsoft_surface  hardware  dopost 
may 2014 by niksilver
"Make no mistake: Microsoft can build attractive, well-designed, cutting-edge hardware. On these terms, Microsoft has already become a top-tier PC vendor. This is quality hardware. But I don't believe that Microsoft's approach of using a kickstand with a loose hinge can ever produce a machine that can properly fill the laptop role."
microsoft_surface  review  hardware  dopost 
may 2014 by niksilver

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