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Lone woman seeks bald man
Aug 28th 2007| The Economist |

“Microtrends” is “based on the idea that the most powerful forces in our society are the emerging, counterintuitive trends that are shaping tomorrow right before us,” says Mr Penn. As a result, the “skill of microtargeting—identifying small, intense subgroups and communicating with them about their individual needs and wants—has never been more critical in marketing…The one-size-fits-all approach to the world is dead.”
Mark_Penn  women  microtrends  microtargeting  trends  workplaces  one-size-fits-all 
april 2012 by jerryking
Harry Rosen readies itself for retail foreign invasion
Jan. 24, 2012 | Globe and Mail | Marina Strauss — RETAILING REPORTER.

Sensing profound change coming to the retail landscape, Larry Rosen called his senior executives to an urgent meeting at Canada’s premier high-end mens’ clothier. Luxury men’s sales were on a tear despite the shaky economy, but Harry Rosen Inc. still faced uncertainty. Savvy new foreign retailers were rapidly invading Canada, and upscale U.S. department-store powerhouse Nordstrom Inc. was mapping out its entry here...
At the meeting late last year, Mr. Rosen’s top team drew up its own battle plan, buttressed by an unprecedented $100-million war chest to expand most existing stores, add a few new ones and pump up e-commerce and staff training over five years. It envisions eventually making acquisitions, possibly even a risky move into women’s luxury fashions, although Harry Rosen ditched the segment more than two decades ago after a challenging run.
Harry_Rosen  retailers  apparel  luxury  preparation  Marina_Strauss  mens'_clothing  crossborder  microtargeting  Nordstrom  microtrends 
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Guys Left Behind -
JUNE 2, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | By MARK PENN with E.
Kinney Zalesne. Women are succeeding in an ever-widening range of areas,
while there is a statistically significant and growing group of guys
who are just not going to make it.
Mark_Penn  gender_gap  microtrends  masculinity  achievement_gaps 
june 2009 by jerryking
Political Device Goes Corporate -
MAY 21, 2007 | Wall street Journal | by JOHN D. MCKINNON.

Journal of Political Marketing.

Political operatives who perfected political "microtargeting," a system
for squeezing votes from neglected segments of the electorate, based
largely on reams of data about such things as voter demographics and
personal-spending habits--are taking their mastery of sophisticated new
campaign techniques into the corporate world. Particularly useful in
helping corporations focus on potential customers' core feelings about
buying a product or service.
microtrends  microtargeting  demographics  competingonanalytics  data_mining  political_campaigns  customer_insights  customer_experience  behavioural_targeting  data 
april 2009 by jerryking
Bungee-Jumping in New Economy -
APRIL 1, 2009, 6:32 P.M. ET| WSJ | by MARK PENN

Microtrends is all about looking for counterintuitive patterns. Winning
strategies are rarely if ever the strategies adopted by the pack -- but
that becomes clear only later.
contrarians  Mark_Penn  microtrends  counterintuitive 
april 2009 by jerryking
Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Today's Big… Mark Penn: Englische Bücher
... argue that you can build political conclusions from looking at such small trends (like: Knitting is making a revival among young people. Those who love technology are more outgoing than those who hate technology.) -- In the brief concluding section there's a tiny effort to pull it all together: In a world with more choices, people will fragment in their selections. If you've read The Long Tail, you already knew that.
march 2009 by MikrowebOrg
Laid-Off Lawyers and Other Professionals -
MARCH 2, 2009 WSJ article by MARK PENN
This column is about identifying these important new niches, and acting on that knowledge.
layoffs  lawyers  microtrends  professional_service_firms  Mark_Penn 
march 2009 by jerryking
Mark Penn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is HClinton's Chief Strategist apparently and author of Microtrends
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Times Online look at latest microtrends
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