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Andrew Yang and the New American Tories | The Outline
Tory is now the colloquial name for the Conservative parties of Canada and Great Britain, the latter of which just won a resounding victory at the polls. But the name refers as much to a disposition as an ideology or specific party. The classic image of the Tory, which holds from the 1700s to today, is that of a fat, self-satisfied landowner, generally complacent but driven to red-faced distemper by anything that would intrude on the enjoyment of his privilege and the comforts of his estate.
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The Paradox of Household Income | PolicyEd
"changes in family structure distort our economic vision when we compare numbers over time"

some interesting stuff using Simpson's Paradox
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april 2019 by actualitems
(1086) Middle Class Loses, Plutocrats Win With Trump's Tax Cuts - YouTube
and the 10% the new Aristocracy.
Trump with this tax cut program cut himself short and in trouble
Also broken promise on infrastructure spending
Also broken promise on health care.
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Erik Olin Wright (1947–2019)
First, whereas mainstream theories see class as connected to income, Erik resurrected Marx’s view that it was a social relation premised on exploitation. Exploitation occurs when one group derives its livelihood from controlling the labor of another group. So it isn’t a person’s income that determines their class – it’s how they earn their income. Second, because class rests on the forcible extraction of labor, it is necessarily antagonistic. It requires the dominant class to undermine the wellbeing of the subordinate groups, which in turn tends to generate resistance from the latter. Third, this antagonism will, in certain conditions, take the form of organized conflict between the classes, or class struggle.

But this formulation created the central puzzle for all Marxist class theories: how do we account for the middle class?
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january 2019 by perich

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