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60Knobs might look like a shuttle´s control panel but in it´s core it is a midi-controller, designed specifically for the Sonic Potion’s LXR drum machine. On top of that it is capable of controlling any device with midi input and external parameter control possibility. Also it can handle some more tricky and less common control protocols such as NRPN or SysEx.

60 controller pots independently customizable through the editor;
MIDI messages supported: CC (Control Chan...
synth  diy  kit  midi  music_production 
2 days ago by dynamo
How to turn a spare MIDI device into a Sketch shortcut machine
To increase my productivity, I ended up converting a spare MIDI pad device into a shortcut machine that’s sped up my workflow and given me access to my less frequently used shortcuts more easily.
sketch  midi  humor 
6 days ago by Shoord
SC1000: An open-source digital portable turntablist instrument
The SC1000 is a portable digital scratch instrument which loads samples and beats from a USB stick. At less than the size of three stacked DVD cases, it’s probably the smallest integrated portablist solution ever. Despite this, the software and hardware have been carefully tuned and optimised, and it’s responsive enough for even the most complex scratch patterns.

This github holds source code and CAM files for the SC1000.
Music  MIDI  Electronics  synthesis  Audio  Scratching  Open-Source 
10 days ago by haschek
MeeBlip geode synthesizer
Raw and digital, dirty and analog - in one compact box. Our geode synth has one goal: to let you plug in a box and dial in edgy, cutting, grimy sounds you won’t mistake for anything else.
midi  audio  synth  wishlist 
13 days ago by locuna
MeeBlip cubit: 4-port MIDI splitter
MeeBlip cubit MIDI Splitter copies all MIDI messages received at the MIDI IN and passes them to each of the four MIDI OUT jacks. Each output is processed through an ultra-low latency active circuit. cubit lets you easily share one MIDI OUT with multiple pieces of gear and easily distributes MIDI clock.
midi  audio  synth  wishlist 
13 days ago by locuna
MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface
cubit go is a USB interface with a difference: we integrated hardware MIDI thru circuity on the four outputs. Whatever you send to the output is sent to all four jacks simultaneously, with no software delay.
midi  audio  synth  wishlist 
13 days ago by locuna

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