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'Everyone Should Have a Moral Code' Says Developer Who Deleted Code Sold to ICE - VICE
Seth Vargo wrote code used in a platform called Chef. When he learned ICE was a customer, he wrestled with ICE using code he had personally written.
ethics  activism  webdev  migration 
1 hour ago by mirthe
Will EU keep paying to keep migrants away?
More on the concentric circle of migration policy around core Europe:

Italy took the lead in providing material and technical assistance to the Libyan Coast Guard, whose aim is to intercept migrants and asylum seekers in the Mediterranean sea and return them to Libyan arbitrary detention centres.

According to the Human Right Watch (HRW), the EU in cooperation with Libya (a country with no refugee law and no asylum system) is contributing to a cycle of "extreme abuse".
2 hours ago by henningninneh
Move fast and migrate things: how we automated migrations in Postgres
At Benchling, we’re building a platform to help scientists do research. Hundreds of thousands of scientists across academia and enterprise clients use Benchling to store and analyze scientific data…
database  postgres  migration  django  sql 
yesterday by unblevable
amacneil/dbmate: A lightweight, framework-agnostic database migration tool.
An opensource database migration tool written in Go. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
database  golang  migration  opensource  foss  postgresql 
yesterday by taffit
datalust/piggy: A friendly PostgreSQL script runner in the spirit of DbUp.
An opensource migration tool for database migrations on PostgreSQL-databases. Uses SQL-files.
postgresql  migration  diff  software  opensource  foss 
yesterday by taffit
Move fast and migrate things: how we automated migrations in Postgres
An article about how the company handled automated migrations using alembic.
database  migration  postgresql  sqlalchemy  alembic  article 
yesterday by taffit
djrobstep/migra: Like diff but for PostgreSQL schemas
An opensource diff tool for PostgreSQL-databases which can be used for migrations as well.
database  migration  postgresql  software  opensource  foss 
yesterday by taffit
American Migration Patterns Should Terrify the GOP (CityLab, 9/17/2019)
Millennial movers have hastened the growth of left-leaning metros in southern red states such as Texas, Arizona, and Georgia. It could be the biggest political story of the 2020s.
migration  south  texas  arizona  georgia  voting  2020election  voters 
2 days ago by davidkoren
City vs. country: Christopher Ingraham’s book “If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now” - Vox
Plenty of people dream of doing it. Christopher Ingraham’s new book makes a pretty solid case about why you should.
rural  christopheringraham  rebeccajennings  2019  cities  migration  us 
2 days ago by robertogreco

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