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postgres-migrations - npm
Stack Overflow style database migrations for PostgreSQL
postgresql  migrations  sql  data  npm  nodejsinteractive 
22 hours ago by program247365
userfaultfd(2) - Linux manual page
userfaultfd() creates a new userfaultfd object that can be used for
delegation of page-fault handling to a user-space application, and
returns a file descriptor that refers to the new object. The new
userfaultfd object is configured using ioctl(2).

Once the userfaultfd object is configured, the application can use
read(2) to receive userfaultfd notifications. The reads from
userfaultfd may be blocking or non-blocking, depending on the value
of flags used for the creation of the userfaultfd or subsequent calls
to fcntl(2).
userfaultfd  post-copy  migrations  linux  kernel 
4 weeks ago by slmingol

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