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Advanced Migration Workflow Tips For The Lazy WordPress Developer
Speed up and automate more of your WordPress migration workflow with some of these advanced tips for working with WP Migrate DB Pro.
wordpress  migration  migrations  database  import  export 
26 days ago by jennettefulda
So long, Macbook. Hello again, Linux. // Richard Mavis dot info
Long story short, after a decade on my Macbook, I switched back to Linux. Recently I’ve just found myself disenchanted with Apple in a way similar to how I felt maybe twelve years earlier with Microsoft, when I switched to Linux the first time.

In other words, it's time.
linux  apple  tools  workflow  migrations  blogs  lists  interesting 
4 weeks ago by po
How to achieve zero downtime rolling updates with Kubernetes
A zero downtime deployment is actually possible. But things can become tricky if you have a database in between.
kubernetes  database  migration  migrations 
5 weeks ago by pinterb

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