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Yesterday we celebrated making top 5 in finance in App Store again as a team.
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march 2019 by ewanmacleod
Solved: What is the best practice for tracking JIRA milest...
Solved: We are looking for a solution to help ensure groups across our organization stay coordinated on deadlines and plans, and we believe Team
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december 2018 by dgafni
We’re more likely to get cancer than to get married. This is a wake-up call | Ranjana Srivastava | Opinion | The Guardian
Later, in clinic, I see patients ranging from a stoical university student to a devastated father to the frail octogenarian who can’t remember the day, let alone that he has cancer – each patient an illustration of a recent Macmillan Cancer Support UK finding that it is more common for an individual to be diagnosed with cancer than to get married or have a first child. One in two people will encounter a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, which is why the report says that, alongside marriage, parenthood, retirement and the death of a parent, cancer is now “a common life milestone”.
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september 2017 by jm

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