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René Girard and the mimetic desire (2) - Triangle of the desire
René Girard and the mimetic desire - First part : The mimetic desire - Page 2 : Triangle of the desire
girard  philosophy  mimetic 
april 2019 by colindocherty
Seven Stories by Anthony W. Bartlett
In these seven stories, Bartlett states that Girard’s thought encourages a progressive revelation of God’s true non-violent nature. Each chapter or “story” in this book reveals a shift in the Biblical understanding and meaning of God’s nature and the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection. The key to interpretation is to view the Bible from the point of view of the victim. This is the key to seeing a non-violent method of atonement.
sevenstories  mimetic 
february 2018 by zoecarnate
desire found me -- a book review
Andre Rabe's Desire Found Me is a unique book.  Steeped in Rene Girard's "Mimetic Theory", it's nothing short of a theological exploration of what it means to confess faith in the trinue God by telling the human and biblical story up to and including the life and death of Jesus in a way that incorporates and makes sense of the groundbreaking insights of Girard.
desirefoundme  mimetic 
december 2017 by zoecarnate

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