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The SHSAT Controversy in New York's Public High Schools - The Atlantic
What changed? One of the reasons there are so few black and Latino students in these schools today is because of a change that took place in the early 1990s that limited the opportunities available to high-achieving black and Latino students. New York’s elementary and middle schools are highly segregated, and until roughly three decades ago, nearly every middle school in New York City had an honors program. Kids in these programs got a great education. While black and Latino students in segregated schools may have missed out on certain educational and cultural benefits of learning alongside more white and Asian peers, these honors classes had the benefit of putting all the smart kids together so they could push each other. Many of them tested well and then ended up at a specialized high school.
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7 days ago by Jibarosoy
The School of Life Berlin
Kluge Ideen für ein gutes Leben, Bücher, Seminare, Workshops, Events
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10 days ago by domanske
Herold Dat
"DatvoorU is een No-nonsense trainingsbureau dat een impuls geeft op de kennis, kunde en het karakter van het individu.
Dynamisch Avontuurlijk Trainen vindt plaats in een uitdagende leeromgeving en is een unieke combinatie van geweldloze communicatie, ervarend leren en mentale weerbaarheid. Hiermee brengt DatvoorU veerkracht en mentale balans in uw organisatie."

Interview met
-ga uitdagingen aan
-breng focus aan
-zet je calimerodop af
-wees een expert
-leer ook van je fuck-ups
-persoonlijk leiderschap: ken jezelf, je kwaliteiten

Gevonden via blad Z-talks.
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14 days ago by nexus1001
Girls Who Code -- Join 90,000 Girls Who Code today!
Via Eigenaresse zegt dat fixed mindset en perfectionisme typisch iets van vrouwen is.
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20 days ago by nexus1001
Brain Waves Instruction: 5 Favorite Poems to Teach Growth Mindset
The following poems are ones able to reach even the most reticent of poetry readers while shedding light on the themes of growth mindset. Each person, young and old, has had experience with trying to persevere through tough times when things seem to be working against them. These poems present an easy way to show students who may be struggling that they are not alone, while also building on reading and critical thinking skills.
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25 days ago by Jibarosoy
a_trane13 comments on What is the psychology of rich people who are stingy with money?
I mean, I just explained why. You spend all year with <$100 of spending cash to your name wanting all the things you can't have, and then suddenly you have $2k. You've never been able to save, so you don't have any experience with how that helps you. Money has always been temporary so it's either spend it on stuff you like or essentials in the future. You've gotten by with less, so why save it? The best way to spend it (in your mind) is on things that makes you happy.

I've been poor and it irks me that people think they're immune to this. If you don't believe you'll ever leave poverty, which is the most likely outcome, spending your extra cash when you get it makes sense. It's the only source of extra happiness, outside of people and things you like, in your life.
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26 days ago by cmananian

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