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Self-assessment, test your entrepreneurial potential |
Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment survey. Online, free, provides results.
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21 hours ago by jeromekatz
Quiz: Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset? | SUCCESS Magazine | What Achievers Read
Online Entrepreneurial Mindset questionnaire ostensibly from the SBA. Autoscores at end.
ESB6  CH2  mindset  survey  questionnaires  Online  free 
21 hours ago by jeromekatz
Rachel Bell - 💀 3 DEADLY MISTAKES that are stopping YOU from...
Inner work is not an accessory of entrepreneurship; it’s the entire backbone of your journey. Use your business as a tool for spiritual development.
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13 days ago by lwhlihu
EMAIL - 8 best ways to make more money
I’m a huge believer in taking action, even if it's a small step forward.

Yet when I look around, in every area of life, I see people doing the exact opposite. Instead of hunting for ways to succeed, they convince themselves their goals are out of reach … many then do nothing.

DATING: "I can't just walk up to her, she’ll think I’m creepy"
FITNESS: "I can't lose weight, I’m too busy to exercise"
BUSINESS: “Every idea I have has been done. Why try?”
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13 days ago by lwhlihu
Frontiers | From Growth Mindset to School Engagement in Chinese Schools: The Mediating Roles of Learning Motivations and Grit | Psychology
Growth mindset and grit have attracted much attention in educational research recently. Yet the underlying mechanisms that relate these variables to each other as well as to many other variables remain largely unclear. This study investigates the relationships among growth mindset, learning motivation, grit, and school engagement. We recruited a total of 1,842 students (884 males and 958 females) from third to ninth grade in a Chinese city. Results from the structural equation model ...
#growth  mindset 
15 days ago by rebelline
RT : " change happening by cleaning." < Great demonstration of how & why individual matters. It's not j…
Mindset  action  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by aoracle
How to Get Lucky: The Secrets to Creating Your Own Good Luck | GQ
- Take risks
- Experiment
- Be appreciative

So by saying, “How can I engage with something that increases my passion in areas where I can also grow skills that I’m seeing are valuable in the market?"—that would help you build success instead of waiting for it to be given to you.
The point is having a sense of responsibility and agency. In a job, you might have responsibility but no authority. But in your own life, you have the responsibility and authority to do things to craft the life you want to live. Most of us choose where we’re going to live, who we’re going to spend time with, what kind of job we’re going to have. I think that so many people limit themselves, they make a box around themselves that’s much smaller than it needs to be. Then you read stories about people who go off and live in interesting places and you say, “How did you do it?” and they say, “I just did it.”
4 weeks ago by christopherming

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