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Syrian Refugee And German Scientist Team Up For Unusual Research : NPR
Chance meets determination: #Syrian #refugee microbiologist gets job in Leipzig research lab through chance meeting at church #Germany
syria  refugee  germany  leipzig  microbiology  mine  metal  extraction  aleppo  church  recovery  research  raft  greece  19eyz  bullsi 
7 days ago by csrollyson
Brown rice mushroom pilaf
olive oil
1 onion
2 carrot
4 smaller sticks of celery
6 cloves garlic
small package of sliced button mushrooms
dried thyme by eye
dry sherry by eye
2 cups brown rice, rinsed
4 cups chicken ...
recipes  savoury  dinner  mine  triedit  from notes
16 days ago by eyebrowofdoom
hazirah on Twitter
Tweet: "Ah, the Brunei Malay catcall of choice, disguised as courtesy: “Assalamualaikum”"
personal  mine  2019  mytweetsthatdidwell.LOL 
22 days ago by hazm8
Technology | Coveo
Learn more about the technology beneath the covers of Coveo’s AI-Search platform that makes relevance at scale possible
24 days ago by jbotos

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