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RT : の明日の新しいマイクラは、「アップデート」ではありません。「別のソフト」として配信されます。従来版を明日の午後3時頃以降に起動すれば、メッセージが表示され、eShopから新しい「
Minecraft  NintendoSwitch  from twitter
yesterday by ltd
RT : Reinforcement learning with and the Malmo Project. Don’t try to swim in lava Cristina! Very interesting…
Minecraft  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by codepo8
minecraft . spielstand auf anderem pc weiterspielen? (speichern)
Desktop --> START --> Suche --> %appdata% --> Roaming --> .minecraft --> saves --> [Welt name] Diesen Ordner kopierste dir einfach auf 'nen USB Stick oder sowas und packst ihn dann am Laptop an genau die gleiche Stelle
Minecraft  save  übertragen  spielstand  spielstände 
11 days ago by matthiasp
Practical Skills: Simple Efficient Tree Farm (13:41)
slightly more complicated - let's try it without the leaf smashers
15 days ago by whylom
Roblox follows Minecraft into the education market | Hacker News
Roblox also has IMO some dark UI patterns intended to make kids buy things in the game. Minecraft is a much healthier game.
minecraft  roblox  kids  parenting 
17 days ago by fjordaan

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