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Work at the mines - great exhibition on Deutsches Museum, Munich.
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july 2019 by alvar
My eyes sting from searching these images for the same thing - Quartz AI Studio
via QZAIstudio Ukrainian investigative newsroom Texty detected illegal amber mines across Ukraine, using machine-learning for two separate pieces of the task.

First an algorithm divided sections of Bing satellite images into visually uniform subsections. So if an image was half green forest and half dirt field, it would split the image into those two subsections.

Another algorithm found which subsections most resembled the existing examples of amber mining, which have a distinctive pockmark-like pattern of holes in the ground. Finally, the journalists examined by hand the examples the algorithm found, to filter out false positives – things that the algorithm thought looked like amber mining but were actually something else, like deforestation.

The resulting story included an online map in which a viewer can zoom into pictures of amber mines across the country.
images  texty  ukraine  qz  methodolgy  duck  centralpark  machinelearning  mines  amber 
may 2019 by fcoel
A Safety Match by Ian Hay
Daphne Vereker, substitute mother to a handful of younger siblings, marries overbearing capitalist Sir John Carr and eventually--after a few years and a kid--falls in love with him.
books  fiction  IanHay  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  romance  England  capitalism  mines  He/SheFellInLoveWithHis/HerWife/Husband  1910s  vicarages  children  blindness 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
Canaries As Poisonous Gas Detectors
n the late 1890s, [John] Haldane began experimenting on small animals like white mice and canaries [to detect carbon monoxide]. Small animals have faster metabolism rate, and hence show the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning much earlier even in the presence of small quantities of the noxious gas. Canaries are especially good at detecting toxins in the air because of their specialized respiratory system.
carbon-monoxide  gas  safety  canaries  coal  mining  mines  respiration  gas-detectors 
may 2018 by jm
For Raqqa to Heal, Prioritize Demining
The Department of Defense had a limited presence in the area, so there was little U.S. manpower available to apply to mine clearance. U.S. forces were able to train a small team of local women from Manbij to negotiate and destroy mines and booby traps that the Islamic State left throughout the city, but there were less than two dozen of them. I physically handed out marking tape on a street corner of Manbij // this sounds amazing person?
syria  eod  mines 
november 2017 by yorksranter

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