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Bitvote is a fork of Bitcoin, and its abbreviation is BTV. There will be no premining and additional issuance.

Bitvote uses the CryptoNight algorithm, which responds to Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of one-CPU-one-vote and true decentralization.

Bitvote establishes a foundation and promotes a sustainable development of communities. Features such as smart contract, lightning network, community vote and others will be added to Bitvote finally.
bitcoin  cryptocurrency  CryptoNight  mining 
21 hours ago by activescott
revtools – support for evidence synthesis in R
revtools is a software package for exploratory analysis of bibliographic data, designed to make it easier to manage and sort information during evidence synthesis projects. You can use it to visualise patterns in bibliographic data,  interactively select or exclude individual articles or words, and save the results for later analysis in R or excel. You…
Text  Analysis  R  Text_Mining  Mining  Academia 
yesterday by dsnsxprmnt
MuckRock Release Notes: We want your help testing a new way to analyze documents • MuckRock
Muckrock announces upcoming release of new tool to help crowdsource data cleanup and extraction
pdf  extraction  text  mining  tool 
yesterday by barbaramaseda
Tutorial on how to setup "nheqminer" Zcash miner on Ubuntu 16 LTS with CUDA GPU · GitHub
dia graphic card. These instructions have been verified to work on Nvidia GTX 550 Ti Graphics card.
cuda  zcash  mining 
yesterday by nauce
ccminer is an open source project for CUDA compatible GPUs (nVidia). The project is compatible with both Linux and Windows platforms.
hardware  mining  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  gpu 
2 days ago by activescott

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