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Bandcamp can save us all over again [Guide] | Riemann Kollektion
"Here is the central, depressive reality of the modern producer. You spend ages cut off from all human contact to make music. Then it’s done, and to share it, you’re tasked with the even lonelier role of begging people to listen to it. We beg not only to try to sell our stocks of vinyl and cassettes or to make enough via downloads to pay for mastering. We beg even to get people to listen to this for free. (Most of those download codes are never redeemed.)And that’s where the Bandcamp ecosystem really shines. The more you’re active as a fan, the more you discover new music - especially unknown labels and underground artists, even more so from the other side of the world as nearby - the more likely it is that they’ll find your music, too."Summary: use download codes, link your fan account, bandcamp is cool
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1 hour ago by ssam
From test answer.

Every financial transaction has a cost. Transporting the cash to the bank, computer database entries, etc. These costs are not small - Stripe (pretty decent service) charges 2.9% ...
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2 hours ago by iiridayn
Yes, Renting Is Still Cheaper Than Buying, But Is It The Best Decision Long-Term? | HerMoney
Yes, renting is still cheaper than buying in most places, but lower mortgage rates may bring buying more into range for folks who can afford the down payment.
money  home 
3 hours ago by renee9656
Heads Up Ladies, Our Life Expectancies Are On The Rise. Do You Have Enough Money To Go The Distance? | HerMoney
Running out of money in retirement is the biggest financial fear, bar none. The new SECURE act gives a new way to look at the size of your retirement paycheck.
money  retirement 
3 hours ago by renee9656
HerMoney Podcast Episode 200: Why Happiness Eludes Overachievers, Even When We “Have It All” | HerMoney
We pursue money and power, and may even seem to “have it all,” so why, then, does happiness still seem to escape us? A look at what every overachiever needs to know.
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3 hours ago by renee9656
How to Train Your Significant Other to Shop for You | HerMoney
This holiday season, don’t waste time returning or exchanging unwanted gifts. Enjoy them instead.
money  gi 
3 hours ago by renee9656
Your V-Day Gift Sucks. These Ideas Don’t  | HerMoney
Last year, 43 million Americans received an unwanted Valentine’s Day gift. This year elevate your gift-giving game with one of these five completely unromantic — but financially impactful — ideas.
3 hours ago by renee9656
How to Reward Yourself Without Spending More Money, According to Reddit
When you’re working toward a major financial goal, like paying off debt or saving a hefty sum, the general advice is to break that big milestone up into smaller goals. And each time you hit a smaller goal, you celebrate with a small reward, to keep you motivated to work on the next segment.
rewards  saving  money 
3 hours ago by renee9656
How the heck do you afford a down payment for a house? - downpayment housing homebuyer | Ask MetaFilter
Hey, @kmr. Long-time mefite here and full-time money writer. I'm not going to answer your question directly -- "how do people save for a down payment?" -- but am going to address some obliquely related issues that I hope will help you with your finances in the future.
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5 hours ago by justaj
Soluzioni sicure per tempo e denaro | ha una vasta gamma di sistemi di verifica presenza, rilevatori di banconote false, conta banconote e conta monete. Ordini facilmente on-line.
money  counter  false  coin  cash 
9 hours ago by gilberto5757
Persistence Is The Key To Success And Wealth | Millionaire Dojo
via Pocket - Persistence Is The Key To Success And Wealth - Added November 20, 2018 at 09:17PM
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11 hours ago by mikele
How Much Money Do We Make?
via Pocket - How Much Money Do We Make? - Added October 01, 2019 at 11:48PM
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12 hours ago by mikele
The Awesome Finances Challenge for October : zen habits
via Pocket - The Awesome Finances Challenge for October - Added October 02, 2019 at 11:39AM
12 hours ago by mikele
China is disinfecting banknotes to stop spread of coronavirus — Quartz
코로나바이러스 때문에 중국이 말 그대로 돈세탁을 하는 중, QZ
- 코로나바이러스 전파를 막기 위해, 은행으로 돌아온 돈을 깨끗히 세척한 후에 내보낼 예정이라고.
- 자외선이나 고온으로 살균하고, 약 1~2주간 보관하고 있다가 다시 시중으로 풀 예정.
- 참고로, 전 세계적으로 더러운 돈을 세척하거나 교체하는 데 연간 약 100억 달러가 소요된다고 함.
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13 hours ago by yun
4 Reasons Why You Should Have 1 Year Worth of Expenses in Savings | LifeMathMoney
via Pocket - 4 Reasons Why You Should Have 1 Year Worth of Expenses in Savings - Added January 20, 2020 at 08:42PM
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14 hours ago by mikele

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