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Why and how to earn to give - 80,000 Hours
Would Bill Gates have done more good if he’d worked at a small non-profit?

Won’t people end up being influenced by their peers to spend the money on luxuries rather than donating? We were worried this would happen when we first introduced the idea, but it hasn’t. Hundreds of people are pursuing earning to give and while some have left because they thought they could do more good elsewhere, no-one we know has simply given up their plans to donate.
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10 hours ago by dandv
The Myth of Steady Retirement Spending, and Why Reality May Cost Less - The New York Times
It’s the question at the heart of so much retirement planning: How much money will I need in savings when I’ve stopped working? To arrive at that number, many people start calculating an estimate of what they will need to live on each month.
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23 hours ago by kogakure
A searing portrait of American poverty | Bill Gates
True to its title, much of Evicted is about how hard it is to find and keep a home when you live in deep poverty. Most experts agree that the ideal is to spend no more than 30 percent of your income on housing; according to Desmond’s research, most poor families have to spend over 50 percent on housing, and for many it’s over 70 percent.

When you’re paying so much to keep a roof over your head, there’s no room for bad luck. A single bad incident can send you reeling. One woman in the book, Arleen, gets evicted from her apartment after someone breaks down her front door over a minor dispute involving kids throwing snowballs. Another time, she falls irreparably behind on the rent after helping to pay for the funeral of a close friend.

For me, though, Evicted’s biggest contribution isn’t the focus on housing. It’s the dramatic illustration of the ways in which issues of poverty are intertwined. When someone has to search for a new place to live, they miss work, which cuts back on their pay and makes them more likely to get fired. And all this instability has a terrible impact on children. One of Arleen’s sons attends five different schools in a single year.

I also got a glimpse of how gut-wrenching it must be when someone piles up your belongings on the curb and you don’t know where your family is going to sleep that night. It’s no wonder that people who have been evicted experience significantly higher rates of depression and anxiety.
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yesterday by lwhlihu
Pat Robertson's Truth, or Why Kleptocracy and Theocracy Make Good Bedfellows
While Robertson used his platform to tout a supposedly massive humanitarian relief effort in response to the influx of refugees into Zaire due to the genocide in neighboring Rwanda, Mission Congo uses key interviews as well as documentary evidence to build a case that much of the money Robertson raised was used for his diamond operation, which ultimately failed. In addition, the documentary shows CBN footage of Robertson interacting in a close and friendly way with Jean-Bosco Barayagwiza, a key architect of the Rwandan genocide.
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yesterday by Weaverbird
Having the best mattress, suitcase, and vitamins nearly broke me - Vox
Full list of products:

Casper Wave full-size mattress: $1,950
Brooklinen sheet set: $178
The Sill green philodendron: $35
The Sill snake plant: $40
Away carry-on: $225
Quip electric toothbrush set: $40
Lebon Le White toothpaste: $24
Cocofloss four-piece set: $40
Lola tampons: $10
Lola sexual wellness kit: $34
Cora tampons: $33
Glossier Cloud Paint: $18
Glossier Boy Brow: $16
Glossier Lidstar: $30
Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner: $83
Ritual vitamins: $30
Care/of vitamins: $67
Parachute bathrobe: $99
Outdoor Voices set: $95
Lululemon leggings: $196
Allbirds wool runners: $95
MeUndies underwear: $54
ThirdLove Classic T-shirt bra: $68
Lively Busty Bralette: $35
Lively All-Day T-shirt bra: $35
True & Co. bralettes: $88
Harper Wilde Everyday Lightly Lined bra: $35
Everlane mac coat: $125
Everlane cashmere crew: $100
Everlane Boss bootie: $215
Everlane Form bag: $235
Everlane clean silk square shirt: $98
Caviar gift card: $50
Hello Fresh meal kits: $33
Sun Basket meal kits: $71
Saucy wine delivery: $30
Drizly wine delivery: $50
Minibar wine delivery: $50
Leuchtterm 1917 notebook: $30
Material Kitchen Fundamentals set: $175
TOTAL: $4,921
yesterday by maoxian
10 reasons you should never get a job
A little hyperbolic, but quite good ammunition and motivation to do what you want (if you want to!) — self employed vs employed. Proceed with caution :)
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yesterday by badlydrawnrob
How to stop being a graphic designer
Using your skills on your term. Moving from client/office work to freelance/self-employed business.
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